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445 Register Index Volume 108 (2010) A Abell, Robert A., 221 Abernathy, Greg: Deborah White, Ellis L. Laudermilk, and Marc Evans, eds., Kentucky’s Natural Heritage: An Illustrated Guide to Biodiversity, noted, 169 Abingdon, Va.: during Civil War, 78, 83, 109 Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolution, by James M. McPherson, 316 Across a Great Divide: Continuity and Change in Native North American Societies, 14001900 , by Laura L. Scheiber and Mark D. Mitchell: reviewed, 257–59 Adams, Captain—, 106 Adomanis, James F.: book review by, 272–74 African Americans: and racial politics in Bourbon County, Ky., 347–80; slavery and Jesuits in Ky., 213–49 agriculture: tobacco farming in the central Ohio River Valley, 317–46 Airy, Sir Richard: and John S. Rarey, 195 Alabama River (Ala.), 20 Alexander, Robert A.: horse farm of, 30, 33 Alexandria, Egypt: John S. Rarey in, 202 Alexandria, La., 13 Allen, Thomas, 68 American Military Frontiers, The: The United States Army in the West, 1783-1900, by Robert Wooster: reviewed, 149–50 American Military History: A Documentary Reader, edited by Brad D. Lookingbill: noted, 313 American Railroad Labor and the Genesis of the New Deal, 1919-1935, by Jon R. Huibregste: reviewed, 159–61 Antonia, La.: George A. Ellsworth in, 13 Apperson, Richard, 91 Army of the Cumberland, 46 Army of the Potomac: and John S. Rarey, 206–7 Articulating Rights: Nineteenth-Century American Women on Race, Reform, and the State, by Alison M. Parker: reviewed, 132–34 Art of Taming and Educating the Horse (1886), by Dennis Magner, 208 Asbury, John Wesley: political campaign of, 365–67 Ashland (Henry Clay Estate, Lexington, Ky.): George A. Ellsworth at, 82–83 Athenaeum (Cincinnati, Ohio). see Saint Xavier College Atkin, Natalie: book review by, 301–3 Atlanta, Ga.: George A. Ellsworth in, 79 At the Edge of the Precipice: Henry Clay and the Compromise that Saved the Union, by Robert V. Remini: reviewed, 255–57 Atwater, Mr. —, 73–74 Augusta, Ga.: George A. Ellsworth in, 110 Augusta, Ky.: George A. Ellsworth in, 103–6 Auvergne (Bourbon County, Ky.): estate of Green Clay, 354 B Backus, William: book review by, 280–82 Bacon Creek (Ky.): bridge at, 60 Badin, Stephen: slaves of, 217; view of slavery, 227 Bailey, Anne J.: book review by, 137–38 Baker, Bruce E.: book review by, 143–44 Baltimore, Md., 218; Denton Offutt in, 189–90, 196; Jesuits in, 216, 233, 239 Bardstown, Ky., 216, 218; Jesuits in, 215; John Hunt Morgan in, 76; Roman Catholic diocese at, 233; and Saint Joseph’s College, 213, 222, 237, 239–49 Bartek, James M.: book review by, 411–13 Bashford, Allen: political campaign of, 367 Register of the Kentucky Historical Society 446 Bath County, Ky.: George A. Ellsworth in, 11–12 Baton Rouge, La.: Denton Offutt in, 205 Battles of Chickamauga and Chattanooga and the Organizations Involved, by Henry V. Boynton: reviewed, 282–85 Bayou City Guards: Fifth Texas Infantry Regiment, CSA, 19 Beach, Henry, 70–71 Beardstown, Ill., 182 Beauregard, Pierre Gustave Toutant, 19, 109 Beauty Shop Politics: African American Women’s Activism in the Beauty Industry, by Tiffany M. Gill: reviewed, 433–35 Bell, Andrew McIlwaine: Mosquito Soldiers: Malaria, Yellow Fever, and the Course of the American Civil War, reviewed, 141–43 Bellesiles, Michael A.: 1877: America’s Year of Living Violently, reviewed, 291–93 Belleville, W.Va., 77 Bennett, Evan P., 326 Bensel, Richard Franklin, 352 Bernath, Michael T.: Confederate Minds: The Struggle for Intellectual Independence in the Civil War South, reviewed, 415–17 Better Angels of Our Nature: Freemasonry in the American Civil War, by Michael A. Halleran: noted, 170 Bettersworth, Joseph: and Confederate conspiracies in the North, 98–100 Beyond the Cabbage Patch: The Literary World of Alice Hegan Rice, by Mary Boewe: noted, 443–44 Bieter, John: book review by, 426–28 Bigham, Darrel E., 323; book review by, 287–89 Big Hill (Richmond, Ky.): Civil War battle at, 53–54 Billinger, Robert D.: book reviews by, 261–63, 439–40 Billom, France, 221 Blackburn, Joseph C. S.: political campaign of, 365–67 Blackburn, Luke P.: and racial politics in Bourbon County, Ky., 365 Blacklegs, Card Sharps, and Confidence Men: Nineteenth-Century Mississippi River Gambling Stories, edited...


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