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  • American Association for the History of Medicine: Report of the Seventy-second Annual Meeting

The seventy-second Annual Meeting of the American Association for the History of Medicine was held in New Brunswick, New Jersey, 6–9 May 1999 at the Hyatt Regency-New Brunswick Hotel.

The following summary has been prepared by the Secretary-Treasurer, Todd L. Savitt, and is intended for the information of the members of the Association. The official minutes and reports are preserved in the office of the Secretary.


Thursday, 6 May

AAHM Council Meeting Opening Reception

Friday, 7 May

Session 1: Welcome and Plenary Session,Todd L. Savitt,presiding
Gerald N. Grob, Chair, Local Arrangements Committee
Joseph Seneca, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Rutgers University
Harold Paz, Dean, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, UMDNJ
Elizabeth Fee, Chair, AAHM Program Committee
Plenary Session: Creating the Self: Anatomy and Endocrinology
Anatomizing the ‘Humane’ Subject: Anatomy, Humanitarianism and the Universal Human in Nineteenth-Century Medical Discourse
  Michael Sappol
Creating and Regulating the Hormonal Self in Postwar American Culture
        David Harley Serlin

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Concurrent Sessions

Session 2: Anatomical Constructions,Mary E. Fissell,presiding
Constructing the Norm: Medical Advice Literature to Adolescents in Canada, 1873–1922
       Jennifer Susan Marotta
Arguing about Ovaries in the 18th Century
     Estelle Cohen
Popular Anatomical Museums in Nineteenth-Century London and the Democratization of Medical Knowledge
       M. Rene Burmeister
Session 3: Clinical Encounters, Russell C. Maulitz, presiding
Doctoring: Seeking Medical Care in Boston, 1900–1920
  Christopher Crenner
Becoming a Patient in the Early Twentieth Century: Personal and Historical Perspectives
  Christine K. Bass
Medicine and the Passions: Emotion, Disease, and the Clinical Encounter
  Otniel E. Dror
Session 4: Medicine and Disease in Early Modern Germany, Thomas Broman, presiding
Physicians for Protestant Orthodoxy? Medicine at Wittenberg in the Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries
  Michael Stolberg
Plague Hospitals in Early Modern Germany
  Otto Ulbricht
The French Disease and Its Metaphors in Early Modern Germany
  Claudia Stein
Session 5: Race, Gender, and Emerging Diseases, Vanessa Northington Gamble, presiding
Chronicle of a Disaster Foretold: Emerging Diseases and the Political Economy of Novelty
   Nick King
The Common Foe: Malaria, the Japanese, and the United States in the South Pacific, 1941–1945
  Alan Hawk
Engineering the Black Epileptic: Psychiatry and the Importance of Race and Gender in the Construction of Epilepsy as Disease, 1932–1941
  Dennis A. Doyle

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Luncheon Sessions Presenting History to Public Health Audiences
   Theodore M. Brown, chair
  Theodore M. Brown, Amy Fairchild, Elizabeth Fee, Patricia Evridge Hill, Gerald Oppenheimer, and David Rosner, panelists
Building a Successful Local AAHM Chapter: Lessons from Philadelphia
  Robert M. Kaiser, presenter
Decade of AIDS History: Whence and Whither for the AIDS History Group?
  Victoria Harden and Caroline Hannaway, chairs
  Victoria Harden, Caroline Hannaway, William Helfand, and Guenter B. Risse, panelists
Medicine in New Jersey—An Historical View
  Allen B. Weisse, chair
  Allen B. Weisse and Donald F. Kent, panelists

Concurrent Sessions

Session 6: Medical Women, Regina Morantz-Sanchez, presiding
Four Middle-aged Matrons with M.D.s: The First Graduating Class of the New England Female Medical College, 1854
  Martha Gardner
Kadambini Ganguli (1861–1923): Pioneer Woman Physician and Activist
  Ranes C. Chakravorty
The Formation of the Women’s Medical Service and the Structure of Allopathic Medical Provision in Colonial India
  Maneesha Lal
Women and the Survival of Homeopathy as a Twentieth-Century Medical Alternative, 1921–1930
  Anne Taylor Kirschmann

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Session 7: Malaria and the Movies, Mary J. Dobson, presiding
Rolling Back Malaria on Film
  Maureen Malowany, Margaret Humphreys, Helen Power, and Ulf Schmidt, discussants
Session 8: Disease and Stigma, Alan M. Kraut, presiding
The Foul Disease and Privacy: An Examination of Disease Stigma in Early Modern London
  Kevin P. Siena
Sanatorium Treatment, Chest Surgery, and the Stigma of Tuberculosis: Patient Experience in Britain and Germany during the Early Twentieth Century
  Flurin Condrau
Public Policy and the AIDS Stigma in Zimbabwe
  Samuel H. Nelson
From Changelings to Extraterrestrials: Stigmatizing Metaphors and the “Otherness” of Autistic Behavior
  William R. Albury
Session 9: The Medical Profession, Law, and Ethics,Barron Lerner, presiding
Medicine and the Law in Late Imperial China
  Yuan-ling Chao
Ethics Versus Science: The Impact of 1880s Anti-Ethics Insurrection on the American...

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