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Luis Manuel Cornejo Alemán. Compendio de historia de la medicina. Planta baja, Panamá: Cultural Portobelo, 2010. 388 pp. No price given. (978-9962-52-571-4).
Marta A. Balińska and William H. Schneider, eds. Ludwik Hirszfeld: The Story of One Life. Rochester Studies in Medical History. Rochester: University of Rochester Press, 2010. xxxv + 456 pp. Ill. $25.00 (978-1-58046-338-6).
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Giorgio Bordin and Laura Polo D'Ambrosio. Medicine in Art. Translated by Jay Hyams. Los Angeles: J. Paul Getty Museum, 2010. 383 pp. Ill. $24.95 (978-1-60606-044-5).
M. Brady Brower. Unruly Spirits: The Science of Psychic Phenomena in Modern France. Illinois: University of Illinois Press, 2010. xxvii + 202 pp. Ill. $85.00 (cloth, 978-0-252-03564-7), $30.00 (978-0-252-07751-7).
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Martin Clayton and Ron Philo. Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Man. Los Angeles: Getty Publications, 2010. 160 pp. Ill. $29.95 (978-1-60606-020-9).
Kathleen M. Crowther. Adam and Eve in the Protestant Reformation. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2010. xi + 312 pp. Ill. $85.00 (978-0-521-19236-1). [End Page 167]
Ronald M. Cyr, trans., and Thomas F. Baskett, ed. Caesarean Birth: The Work of François Rousset in Renaissance France: A New Treatise on Hysterotomotokie or Caesarien Childbirth. London: RCOG Press, 2010. xiii + 130 pp. Ill. £25.00 (978-1-906985-34-9).
Francesco Paolo de Ceglia. I Fari di Halle: Georg Ernst Stahl, Friedrich Hoffmann e la medicina europea del primo Settecento. Bologna: Società editrice il Mulino, 2009. 499 pp. €33.00 (978-88-15-13179-9).
Maria Pia Donato. Morti improvvise: Medicina e religione nel Settecento. Rome: Carocci editore, 2010. 239 pp. €20.00 (978-88-430-5503-6).
Markham J. Geller. Ancient Babylonian Medicine: Theory and Practice. Ancient Cultures. Malden, Mass.: Wiley-Blackwell, 2010. xii + 221 pp. Ill. $119.95 (978-1-4051-2652-6).
Ximo Guillem-Llobat and Gabriel Garcia Frasquet, eds. Salut, alimentació i cultura popular al País Valencià: VI Trobades del Seminari d'Estudis sobre la Ciència: "Medicina rural i cultura popular al País Valencià: Homenatge a Joan Pellicer i Bataller" Gandia, 5-7 de febrer de 2009. Gandia, Spain: CEIC, 2009. 347 pp. Ill. €65.00 (978-84-96839-27-4).
Friedrich Hoffmann. Differenza tra la dottrina di Stahl e la mia in patologia e terapia: Introduzione, traduzione e note di Francesco Paolo de Ceglia. Pisa: Pisa University Press, 2009. 291 pp. €18.00 (978-88-8492-643-2).
Brooke Holmes. The Symptom and the Subject: The Emergence of the Physical Body in Ancient Greece. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 2010. xxiii + 355 pp. $45.00 (978-0-691-13899-2).
J. T. Hughes. Henry Power of Halifax: A Seventeenth Century Physician and Scientist. Oxford, UK: Rimes House Press, 2010. xii + 120 pp. Ill. £20.00 (978-1-874317-04-3).
Teresa Huguet-Termes, Jon Arrizabalaga, and Harold J. Cook, eds. Health and Medicine in Hapsburg Spain: Agents, Practices, Representations. Supplement no. 29 to Medical History. London: Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine at UCL, 2009. 158 pp. Ill. £35.00, €40.00, $60.00 (ISBN-10: 0-85484-128-8, ISBN-13: 978-0-85484-128-8).
Pat Jalland. Death in War and Peace: Loss and Grief in England, 1914-1970. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2010. 265 pp. £30.00 (ISBN 978-0-19-926551-0).


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