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Reviews 187 Contributors OTAVIO AFONSO's Cidade Morta, from which this selection is taken, was published by Casas de las Americas in 1980. An assistant professor of English at CaI State-Northridge, DOROTHY BARRESI's poetry has most recently appeared in Poetry and Poetry Northwest. While doing all the dirty work around mr MICHAEL BERNARD-DONALS still finds time to write reviews and complete a dissertation on Bakhtin and contemporary literary theory. The kid's a phenomenon. PAUL BUHLE's most recent book is a biography of C.L.R. James, published by Verso. Currently an unemployed engineer, BONNIE BUHROW has published poems in Passages North, Abraxas, and Blue Unicorn. A former Den Mother, probation counselor, and prison workshop leader, CHRIS BURSK currently teaches at Bucks County Community College (where he spends a lot of time looking for Dutch graves, I bet). JAMES M. BUZARD is currently a junior fellow in the Society of Fellows at Harvard . The grandchild of Italian immigrants MARCUS CAFAGNA was raised in Detroit and New York. He is currently a doctoral candidate in English at Michigan State. RICHARD DANIELS teaches medieval literature at Oregon State. He has recently completed a novel and has a story forthcoming in Fiction International. ROMAN DE LA CAMPA teaches Latin American literature and literary theory at Stony Brook, where he is chair in the department of Comparative Studies (whatever that means); he himself is incomparable. LAURA DOAN teaches contemporary British literature at SUNY-Geneseo; her anthology, OldMaids and Excellent Women, will be published this year by the University of Illinois Press. Born in Rochester, NY, CORNELIUS EADY is the author of two books of poetry, Kartunes (Warthog Press) and Victims of the Latest Dance Craze (Ommation Press), and a chapbook, Boom Boom Boom (State Street Press). Victims was awarded the Lamont Prize from the Academy of American Poets in 1985. An associate professor of English at LaGuardia College, THOMAS FINK has published criticism in American Poetry Review and American Letters and Commentary. JAMES FINNEGAN lives in Northampton, MA, where he works in marketing (it's okay, he's subverting the system from within). His poetry has appeared in Ploughshares, Prairie Schooner, and Southern Poetry Review. NAN HANNON is an archaeologist and the curator of the historical museum in Ashland, OR; her collection of poems, Sky River, was published last year by Boise State University. RUTH Y. JENKINS is assistant professor of English at CaI State-Fresno where she is also an understudy for a singing part with the California Raisins. A former plant breeder, ski instructor, and Forest Service surveyor, WAYNE D. JOHNSON'S novel (the title of which remains a closely guarded secret) 188 the minnesota review will be published by Knopf and Bodley Head this year. DEBRA KAUFMAN grew up in the Midwest and now lives in Durham, NC, where she works at the Duke Law Library. Her poems have recently appeared in Pembroke, Spoon River Quarterly, and Cedar Review. RITA KRANIDIS is completing a dissertation on late nineteenth-century British fiction by women. GREG KUZMA has been among the most faithful contributors to mr over the years—we're grateful. A Quaker and a pacifist, PAUL A. LACEY has taught English at Earlham College since 1960, where he has intermittently served as Provost and acting President—and lived to tell the tale! JAY LADIN's poetry has appeared in California Quarterly, among other journals. THOMAS LARSON teaches writing at San Diego City College; he reviews regularly for a variety of journals (including this one, obviously). A stone-cold Althusserian (we few gotta stick together), THOMAS E. LEWIS teaches marxist theory in the Spanish department at the University of Iowa, when he's not junketing off to Spain. CHESCA LONG-INNES holds an M.A. from the University of Cape Town; thanks to the inimitable John Higgins for bringing her essay to our attention. MICHAEL W. MESSMER teaches political science at Virginia Commonwealth University. DAVID MORSE's work has appeared in Esquire, Monthly Review, The Nation; there must be a pattern there somewhere. An associate professor of English at Stony Brook, ADRIENNE AUSLÄNDER MUNICH also directs the Women's Studies Program there (here?). KAY MURPHY's poetry...


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