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28 the minnesota review Pat Schneider After They Let You Walk With Me Three Hours in the Rain If We Promised to Stay on Hospital Grounds Every leaf and grassblade here is soaking and I am walking with you in wet woods. You say you still don't know the shapes of poison ivy. I point it out, I say how it can look like maple, its vines almost invisible, wrapped around the trunks of old and stable trees. Please, I am wanting to say to you, please remember. Something important in this rain, in this wet woods: don't go taking every doctor's word for it, every lab technician's needle, every nurse's pill. For God's sake don't go walking in wet woods unless you can remember in the green and wet and beautiful, in the reaching finger of the tendril of the vine, in the wood rot remember, between the necessary doses of forgetting remember what is poison ivy and what is not. ...


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