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4 the minnesota review Anita Poole Dat Boy Doan know what to do wit dat boy he strut in heah like he own da whole worl' but he jus trash an he doan care how many younguns done got dead he jus take the money, hand back they white powder or they pills then be comin in home grinnin jus like a god-dam possum, flashin dat money aroun'. Dat boy doan give a dam bout nothin— never knowed his pa, and me, well, I'se jus old folks to him. He always come in home wit dat grin knowin he my boy an I gots to love him even if he aint worth a shit to nobody but me. One a dese days he goan get shot, dat or he be cut up like chitlins nobody wont cry for him 'cept me and I'se just old folks. ...


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