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KeUey 19 Janine S. KeUey The Fishermen Walking in the tree-shaded park, or perhaps, while window shopping, the girl, quiet as a handful of water, disappears, taken by men in dark suits who ride in green Ford Falcons, the colour of money.* Her purse, abandoned on the sidewalk— like a hand above a wave, is picked up by a child who shows it to her mother who tosses it to the street. The people in the open-air cafe look down at their salads, not seeing in the distance the helicopter shimmering above the river Plata. The girl, arms lashed to a boulder, meets the sky; pushed by the army officer wearing sunglasses. The old fisherman packs up his tackle. He blinks. 20 the minnesota review He thought he saw a girl falling from the sky. Yesterday, he caught a fish, shaped like an ear. ?an allusion to the film Color of Money ...


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