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JAMES HAZARD TENDER SUITE FOR THE WASHING MACHINES ON THE PORCHES OF THE OZARKS 1 My parents sleep in separate rooms now. Before they are dead they take their bodies from each other. Nightimes their bodies confuse me more than all the abandoned washing machines on the porches of the Ozarks. She tiptoed up stairs & saw the baby not asleep smiling out her window at Jenny and me riding the horses. Our benevolent baby, round and still as the washing machines when children play on the porches of the Ozarks. My boy Cael dreamed a Japanese lady fell into a sewer where there was a machine that saved her by turning sewer-water to milk. 20 Everywhere I have ever travelled is freezing tonight. That's not symbolic, it's a fact. I saw it on the tv map. Indiana, New Hampshire, Ontario of courseeven the washing machines on the porches of the Ozarks are freezing tonight. I will not say definitely what St. Augustine would have thought about the washing machines on the porches of the Ozarks, but I have my opinion. The neighbors in Vermont (Green Mountains) peeked at Bartok walking, stopping to put a pine cone to his ear, finding his music there. Pity the rich people didn't bring him to the Ozarks. Back to St. Augustine. Remember he wrote in all that confessingWhat does it matter to me if someone finds this incomprehensible? 21 I should like him too to rejoice as he says "What does this mean?" Ah, Stevie and Sue, I liked it best in Ohiositting half the night in a dark hotel bar, listening to 1940's Ink Spots, Tommy Dorsey, and Artie Shaw on a surprizing time machine juke-box. It was our own then and there that hotel bar, a time and place only we lived in and no one friend or foe could ever know our address. But the morning was Tuesday and lots of sunlight, it was trying to find the credit card and getting out to the airport to make our flight and I felt like a washing machine on the porches of the Ozarks suddenly full of all those clothes and soap suds after smiling on the porch all night. I have always wanted to write about the washing machines on the porches of the Ozarks. Thank you, for your attention. 22 ...


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