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CONTRIBUTORS David CRAIG is the author of THE REAL FOUNDATIONS and teaches at Lancaster University. Nadia CHRISTENSEN lives in St. Paul; her translations have appeared in a number of places. Ellen Kirvin DUDIS writes advertising copy and lives on a farm in Maryland. Betsy EDELSON teaches in Chicago and is a part of the Bread and Roses acting company there. Michael EGAN teaches at UMass Amherst and is currently collaborating with David Craig on a book, from which their piece here comes, to be called EXTREME SITUATIONS. Bart FRIEDMAN has contributed regularly to MR. James HAZARD has a new daughter and a book promised from Crossing Press. Sandra and Thomas E. HALL both teach at the Milwaukee School of the Arts. Wes MAGEE lives in Wiltshire; his first book, publised by Leeds U Press, is URBAN GORILLA. Stephanie MOOD lives in California . Barbara MOORE has published in a number of little magazines. Henrik NORDBRANT has published five books of poetry and, according to Nadia Christensen, is one of the best young Danish poets. Carol PAPENHAUSEN has aad stories in COLORADO QUARTERLY, THE SMITH, and PRAIRIE SCHOONER. David PECK teaches in Long Beach. Stuart PETERFREUND has a book out from Ithaca House. Barry PRITCHARD lives in Seattle; his story will be part of a novel. M.L. RAINA teaches in India. Margaret RANDALL lives in Cuba. Agnieska SALSKA teaches at the university in Lodz, Poland; she recently spent a year in the U.S. as a Fulbright visiting scholar. Scott SANDERS is a novelist and critic; his book on D.H. Lawrence is just out. R. SIEBURTH did the Walter Benjamin translation in NSl. Donna E. SMYTH lives and works in WoIfville , Nova Scotia. David STEINGASS is poet-in-residence this year at the University of Wisconsin. Darko SUVIN had a piece in the last MR. Wislawa SZYMBORSKA is not widely known outside Poland. Charles VANDERSEE lives in Virginia. Dave WAGNER, when last heard from, was unemployed in California. Tom WAYMAN had poems in the last issue. Joan WEBBER is a mountain climber who teaches at the University of Washington. Donald WESLING teaches at UC-San Diego; his poems come from a mimeo pamphlet, called MAYDAY, privately printed in London. ...


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