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Suggestions for Further Reading

Most ADText topics are also discussed in other scholarly articles and books, in the advertising trade press, and elsewhere on the Internet. This document provides a guide to sources in Advertising & Society Review that contain further discussion of ADText topics.

Some of the connections are more direct than others, but all of those mentioned have the potential for encouraging further thought and examination of the many issues raised by the ADText units.

Future updates to this document will include references to scholarly books and articles. Users are also encouraged to search the Internet (including Google Scholar) for additional information on ADText topics. A set of keywords are provided below that may be helpful in Internet searches.

Please note: Both references and links are provided to specific A&SR articles. However, you will need to have access to A&SR for the links to work. Libraries may order this title as part of a MUSE subscription package. To order single title subscriptions for this journal, please visit the MUSE Single Title Price List If you are associated with a college or university and do not have automatic access to A&SR, consult your reference librarian.

What is Advertising?

Keywords: history of advertising, Raymond Williams on advertising, salesmanship in print, salesman, propaganda, product placement, commercial speech

  • Halo Everybody, Highlow

    Twitchell, James B.

    A&SR 6.4

    Commissioned art during the Renaissance, similar to the discussion about "advertising as sponsored art" in this unit

  • This is Not an Ad

    Goldman, Robert

    A&SR 6.4

    Attention grabbing and the trend in the 1980s of making ads that pose as not being ads

A Brief History of Advertising in America

Keywords: history of advertising, Benjamin Franklin and advertising, James Gordon Bennett, traveling salesman, salesmanship, P.T. Barnum, Hartman Center for Sales Advertising and Marketing at Duke University, Archives Center in the Museum of American History (Smithsonian), brand, consumerism, history of radio, history of television, global advertising, narrowcasting

  • The Rise of the Jingle

    Taylor, Timothy D.

    A&SR 11.2

    Jingles were a mainstay of advertising in the early 20th century

"Subliminal" Advertising

Keywords: subliminal advertising, Vance Packard, motivational research, David Ogilvy, Wilson Bryan Key