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ANNOUNCEMENTS The International Association for Philosophy and Literature, an organization with no official connection to this journal, will hold its fifth annual meeting at the University of Maine at Orono, May 8-10, 1980. Information about the conference, as well as the call for papers, may be had by writing Professor Robert C. Carroll, Department of Foreign Languages and Classics, University of Maine at Orono, Orono, Maine 04469. The current issue of Paunch is a special one devoted to the work of Stephen C. Pepper. It is edited by Arthur Efron (SUNY Buffalo) and John Herold (Mowhawk Valley Community College) and is entitled Root Metaphor: The Live Thought of Stephen C. Pepper. Copies may be ordered at $5.00 each from Paunch, 123 Woodward Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14214. The Independent Journal of Philosophy, in cooperation with Howard University, has announced a three-day international symposium on the topic of Modernity, to be held, under the sponsorship of the Liberty Fund, in late May, 1980, in the Washington, D.C. area. Papers are welcomed which, from a systematic, critical-historical perspective, offer a philosophical diagnosis of and response to the question of Modernity, particularly as it arises in the context of the related issues of "human nature" and "freedom." Further information may be obtained from Charles Griswold, Department of Philosophy, Howard University, Washington, D.C. 20059. 246 ...


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