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ANNOUNCEMENTS "Knowledge and the Limits of History" is the theme of the Seventh Annual Conference of the International Association for Philosophy and Literature, to be held in May of 1982. The meeting will take place at Northwestern University and plenary session speakers include Arthur Danto, Jonathan Culler, and Dominick LaCapra. Further information may be obtained by writing the Association at 1818 Hinman Avenue, Evanston, Illinois 60201. Science fiction aficionados will want to know of a new journal, Philosophical Speculations in Science Fiction and Fantasy, from Burning Bush Publications, P.O. Box 7708, Newark, Delaware 19711. The first issue includes articles with such titles as "The Logic and Ethics of Asmovian Reality Changes," "Time Travel, Determinism, and Fatalism," and "On Science Fiction and Philosophy." John D. Caputo and David Couzens Hoy are two of the scheduled speakers at the Eleventh Annual Philosophy Colloquium of the University of Dayton. The general topic of the meeting is "Hermeneutics," and it will be held in March, 1982. Information may be had from Patricia A. Johnson, Department of Philosophy, University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio 45469. From headquarters at the University of Minnesota, the ThoreauJournal (Quarterly begins publication in 1982 "under new editors, with a new format, and with a much broader and more scholarly focus," according to Managing Editor William Rossi. He may be reached at the Department of Philosophy, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455. Pre/Text: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Rhetoric plans a special issue exploring the implications for rhetoric of Paul Ricoeur's philosophy of language. Proposals from possible contributors are invited from the Guest Editor for this issue, Louise Wetherbee Phelps, Department of English, University of Southern California, University Park, Los Angeles , California 90007. Clio, a journal well known for its work in literature, history, and the philosophy of history, has now moved to a quarterly publication schedule with the initiation of an annual Clio Hegel Studies issue. In these annual numbers, scholars will deal with traditional concerns of Clio in history, criticism, and philosophy from a "Hegelian or Hegel-informed standpoint." Inquiries and manuscripts should be sent to Clark Butler, Coeditor, Department of Philosophy, Indiana University-Purdue University , Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805. ...


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