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Philosophy and Literature Volume 14Volume 15 Index 1990-1991 Philosophy and Literature Denis Dutton, Editor University of Canterbury, New Zealand Patrick Henry, Coeditor Whitman College Jesse Kalin, Associate Editor Vassar College Marilyn Trueblood, Assistant Editor Seatde, Washington Hazel E. Barnes University of Colorado Wayne C. Booui University of Chicago Patrick Brady University of Tennessee Anthony J. Cascardi University of California, Berkeley John Desmond Whitman College T. J. Diffey University of Sussex David C. Hoy Columbia University Editorial Advisory Board: Richard Kuhns Columbia University Alexander Nehamas University of Pennsylvania Christopher Norris University of Wales David Novitz University of Canterbury, New Zealand Martha Nussbaum Brown University Richard Palmer MacMurray College Gary Shapiro University of Kansas Roger Shattuck Boston University Francis Sparshott University of Toronto Edwin Stein Whitman College John J. Stuhr University of Oregon Denis Walker University of Canterbury, New Zealand Martin Warner University of Warwick Philosophy and Literature VOLUME 14 · 1990 VOLUME 15 · 1991 Philosophy and Literature is sponsored by Whitman College and distributed by theJohns Hopkins University Press. ISSN: 0190-0013 Copyright © The Johns Hopkins University Press 1991. All rights reserved. No portion of this journal may be reproduced by any process or technique, without the formal consent of The Johns Hopkins University Press. Authorization to photocopy items for internal or personal use, or the internal or personal use of specific clients, is granted by The Johns Hopkins University Press for libraries and other users registered with the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) Transactional Reporting Service, provided that the base fee of $02-00 per article is paid directly to CCC1 27 Congress Street, Salem, Mass., 01970. This consent does not extend to other kinds of copying, such as copying for general distribution, for advertising or promotional purposes, for creating new collective works, or for resale. 0190-0013/83 $02.00 Subscriber Information Philosophy and Literature is published each Spring and Fall. Subscription Rates: Students—$15.50, one year; Individuals—$17.50, one year; Institutions—$35.00, one year. Postage outside the U.S.—Canada and Mexico, $2.60; outside North America, $5.40. Claims for replacement of missing copies must be received within three months following publication of the issue. All payments must be made through a U.S. Bank or by International Money Order. All subscriptions are entered on a calendar year basis only to begin with the first issue of the current volume. Prepayment required for shipment. Please direct all subscription inquiries and business communications to the distributor: The Johns Hopkins University Press, Journals Division, 701 W. 40th Street, Suite 275, Baltimore, Maryland 21211-2190. Telephone: 301-338-6988. Fax: 301-338-6998. Telex: 5101012198. Postmaster: send address changes to Philosophy and Literature, TheJohns Hopkins University Press, 701 W 40th Street, Suite 275, Baltimore, Maryland 21211-2190. TypesetbyCapitol Communications, Crofton, Maryland; printed by The Sheridan Press, Hanover, Pennsylvania. The paper used in this publication meets the minimum requirements of American National Standard for Information Sciences—Permanence of Paper for Printed Library Materials, ANSI Z39.48-1984. Philosophy and Literature is indexed and abstracted in Abstracts of EngUsh Studies, American Bibliography of Slavic & East European Studies, American Humanities Index, Canadian Review of Comparative Hterature, Current Contents, Index to Book Reviews in the Humanities, Literary Criticism Register, MLA International Bibliography, and Philosophers Index. Philosophy and Literature Index to Volumes 14 and 15 (Vol. 14, April 1990: pp. 1-238 and October 1990: pp. 239-454; Vol. 15, April 1991: pp. 1-188 and October 1991: pp. 189-411) Ackerman, R. D., review ofJohn McCumber, Poetic Interaction: Language, Freedom, Reason, 14,219 Acts of Meaning, reviewed by Steven Rendall, 15, 331 Adams, Hazard, Antithetical Essays in Literary Criticism and Liberal Education, reviewed by Wendell Harris, 15, 154 Agacinski, Sylviane, Aparté: Conceptions and Deaths ofS0ren Kierkegaard, reviewed by Lome Clark, 14, 191 Ahearn, Edward, Marx and Modern Fiction, reviewed by Mary Anne O'Neil, 14, 209 Allen, Jeffner and Iris Marion Young (eds.), The Thinking Muse: Feminism and Modern French Philosophy, reviewed by Susan Brill, 14, 418 Allman, John, "Paul de Man, Deconstruction, and Discipleship," 14, 324 Alter, Robert, The Phasures ofReading in an Ideological Age, reviewed by D. D. Todd, 14, 421 America, by Jean Baudrillard, discussed in Bookmarks, 14, 236 American...


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