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Philosophy and Literature Index to Volumes 10 and 11 (Vol. 10, April 1986: pp. 1-140 and October 1986: pp. 141-349; Vol. 11, April 1987: pp. 1-206 and October 1987: pp. 207-386) Ackerman, R. D., review ofJacques Derrida, Mémoires: for Paul de Man, 11, 171 Adorno, reviewed by John J. Stuhr, 10, 103 Against Theory: Literary Studies and the New Pragmatism, reviewed by Donald Keesey, 10, 337 American Critics at Work: Examinations of Contemporary Literary Theories, reviewed by William E. Cain, 10, 337 American Newness: Culture and Politics in the Age of Emerson, The, reviewed by John F. Desmond, 11, 195 American Poetics ofHistory: From Emerson to the Modems, reviewed by MarkJohnson, 11, 341 Amsler, Mark (ed.), The Languages of Creativity: Modeh, Problem-Solving, Discourse, reviewed by Joseph J. Maier, 11, 345 "Apparent, Implied, and Postulated Audiors," by Robert Stecker, 11, 258 Adcins, G. Douglas, review of Mark C. Taylor, Erring: A Postmodern A/theobgy, 10, 130 Adcins, G. Douglas and Michael L. Johnson (eds.), Writing and Reading Differently, reviewed by John Farnsworth, 11, 202 Barnes, Hazel, "Flaubert and Sartre on Madness in King Lear," 10, 211 Beebee, Thomas O., review of Susan Wells, The Dialectics ofRepresentation, 11, 185 "Belsey on Language and Realism," by Noel Carroll, 11, 124 Benjamin, Andrew, review ofIhab Hassan and Sally Hassan (eds.), Innovation/Renovation: New Perspectives on the Humanities, 10, 111 Bergonzi, Bernard, The Myth of Modernism and Twentieth Century Literature, reviewed by D. D. Todd, 11, 358 Bernstein, J. M., The Philosophy of the Novel: Lukacs, Marxism and the Dialectics of Form, reviewed by Eva L. Corredor, 10, 338 Bernstein, Richard J., "The Rage Against Reason," 10, 186 BeyondDeconstruction: The Uses andAbuses ofLiterary Theory, reviewed by Wendell V. Harris, 11, 317 Beyond Enchantment: German Idealism and English Romantic Poetry, reviewed by Kennedi Harris, 11, 363 Beyond Fiction: The Recovery ofthe Feminine in the Noveh of Cervantes, reviewed by Dian Fox, 10, 127 Beyond Nihilism: Nietzsche without Mash, reviewed by Godfrey Carr, 10, 138 Black, Joel, review ofVirgil Nemoianu, The Taming ofRomanticism: European Literature and the Age ofBiedermeier, 10, 133 Bohn, Willard, review of Monique Chefdor, Ricardo Quiñones, and Albert Wachtel (eds.), Modernism: Challenges and Perspectives, 11, 190 377 378Philosophy and Literature Bond, R. P., review ofJulius A. Elias, Plato's Defense ofPoetry, 10, 117 Brady, Patrick, review of Roger Shattuck, The Innocent Eye: On Modem Literature and the Arts, 10, 98 Brandey, Richard E., Locke, Wesley, and the Method of Romanticism, reviewed by Richard Fadem, 10, 120 Bredin, Hugh, "I. A. Richards and die Philosophy of Practical Criticism," 10, 26 Broman, Walter E., review of A. J. Smidi, The Metaphysics ofLove, 11, 181 Review ofJ. W. Erwin, Lyric Apocalypse: Reconstruction in Ancient and Modem Poetry, 10, 99 Cain, William E. , review of Victor A. Kramer (ed.), American Critics at Work: Examinations of Contemporary Literary Theories, 10, 337 Calderwood, James L., IfIl Were Done: Macbeth and Tragic Action, reviewed by G. K. H. Ley, 11, 360 Caplan, Richard M. (ed.), Exploring the Concept ofMind, reviewed by David Ward, 11, 357 Carr, Godfrey, review of Ofelia Schutte, Beyond Nihilism: Nietzsche without Masks, 10, 138 Carroll, Noel, "Belsey on Language and Realism," 11, 124 Carstairs, Andrew, review ofKrystyna Pomorska and Stephen Rudy (eds.), RomanfoJcobson : Verbal Art, Verbal Sign, Verbal Time, 11, 182 Cascardi, Andiony J., "Genealogies of Modernism," 11, 207 (Ed.), Literature and the Question ofPhibsophy, reviewed by Michael Fischer, 11, 330 "The Genealogy of Pragmatism," 10, 295 "Case of die Unreliable Audior, The," by Francis Sparshott, 10, 145 Caws, Mary Anne, Reading Frames in Modem Fiction, reviewed by William Stull, 11, 369 Cebik, L. B., Fictional Narrative and Truth: An Epistema Analysis, reviewed by Peter Lamarque, 10, 115 "Centering die De-Centerers: Foucault and Las Meninas," by Andiony Close, 11, 21 Chambers, Ross, Story and Situation. Narrative Seduction and the Power of Fiction (Theory and History ofLiterature, vol. 12), reviewed by Natíianiel Wing, 11, 352 Chefdor, Monique, Ricardo Quiñones, and Albert Wachtel (eds.), Modernism: Challenges and Perspectives, reviewed by WiUard Bohn, 11, 190 Clark, Timodiy, "Heidegger, Derrida, and die Greek Limits of Philosophy," 11, 75 Close, Andiony, "Centering die De-Centerers: Foucault and Las Meninas," 11,21 Coleman...


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