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Philosophy and Literature Index to Volume 12 and 13 (Vol. 12, April 1988: pp. 1-158 and October 1988: pp. 159-336; Vol. 13, April 1989: pp. 1-229 and October 1989: pp. 230-448) "Accepting tL· Romantics as Philosophers," by Michael Fischer, 12, 179 Ackerman, R. D., review of Derek Attridge, Geoff Bennington, and Robert Young (eds.), Post-Structuralism and tL· (Question of History, 12, 307 Actual Minds, Possible Worlds, reviewed by Joseph J. Maier, 13, 211 Adams, Hazard, and Leroy Searle (eds.), Critical TTieory Since 1965, discussed in Bookmarks , 12, 325 "Adequacy of Self-Narration: A Hermeneutical Approach, The," by Anthony Paul Kerby, 12, 232 "Aesthetic Education or Aesthetic Ideology: T. S. Eliot on Art's Moral Critique," by Richard Shusterman, 13, 96 Against Deconstruction, discussed in Bookmarks, 13, 430 Aizenberg, Edna, review of Jaime Alazraki, Borges and tL· Kabbalah and Other Essays on His Fiction and Poetry, 13, 400 Alazraki, Jaime, Borges and the Kabbalah and Other Essays on His Fiction and Poetry, reviewed by Edna Aizenberg, 13, 400 Albert Camus, TL· Stranger, reviewed by Carl A. Viggiani, 13, 183 Allegory: TL· Dynamics of an Ancient and Medieval Technique, reviewed by William G. Thalmann, 13, 207 Altarity, reviewed by Bill Martin, 13, 186 Apocalypse in English Renaissance Thought and Literature: Patterns, Antecedents, and Repercussions , TL·, reviewed by Donald K. Hedrick, 13, 418 "Art, Narrative, and Human Nature," by David Novitz, 13, 57 Atkins, C. Douglas, review of John D. Caputo, Radical Hermeneutics: Repetition, Deconstruction , and tL· Hermeneutic Project, 12, 313 Attridge, Derek, Geoff Bennington, and Robert Young (eds.), Post-Structuralism and the Question of History, reviewed by R. D. Ackerman, 12, 307 Bakhtin, Mikhail, Problems ofDostoevsky's Poetics, reviewed by John Goodliffe, 12, 152 Bannet, Eve Tavor, "Pluralist Theory-Fictions and Fictional Politics," 13, 28 Barnes, Annette, On Interpretation: A CriticalAnalysis, reviewed by Steven Davies, 13, 217 Baron, Marcia, "Was Effi Bliest a Victim of Kantian Morality?" 12, 95 Barthes, Roland, Criticism and Truth, discussed in Bookmarks, 13, 225 Bardey, W. W., III., Wittgenstein, discussed in Bookmarks, 12, 239 Barzun, Jacques, A Word or Two Before You Go, discussed in Bookmarks, 13, 227 Jacques Barzun on Writing, Editing, and Publishing, discussed in Bookmarks, 13, 227 Baugh, Bruce, review of Robert Mugerauer, Heidegger's Language and Thinking, 13, 416 Bauschatz, Cathleen M., review of Peter J. Rabinowitz, Before Reading: Narrative Conventions and tL· Politics ofInterpretation, 13, 388 "Beckett and Tillich: Courage and Existence in Waitingfor Godot'' by David McCandless, 12,48 435 436Philosophy and Literature Before Reading: Narrative Conventions and the Politics ofInterpretation, reviewed by Cathleen M. Bauschatz, 13, 388 Beiser, Frederick C., TL· Fate of Reason: German Philosophy from Kant to Fichte, reviewed by Eva M. Knodt, 13, 422 Bergson, Eliot, and American Literature, reviewed by John F. Desmond, 13, 174 Boethius andDialogue. Literary Method in "TL· Consolation ofPhilosophy" reviewed by Glynnis M. Cropp, 12, 139 Bogue, Ronald, review of Jean-François Lyotard, Peregrinations: Law, Form, Event, 13, 210 Booth, Wayne C, TL· Company We Keep: An Ethics ofFiction, reviewed by Tobin Siebers, 13, 375 Borges and tL· Kabbalah and Other Essays on His Fiction and Poetry, reviewed by Edna Aizenberg, 13, 400 "Boris Pasternak's Conception of Realism," by John Edward MacKinnon, 12, 211 Boschetti, Anna, TL· International Enterprise: Sartre and Les Temps Modernes, reviewed by Gerald Prince, 13, 182 Bounds of Interpretation: Linguistic Theory and Literary Text, TL·, reviewed by Koenraad Kuiper, 12, 147 Bounds ofReason: Cervantes, Dostoevsky, Flaubert, TL·, reviewed by Gary Wihl, 12, 1 14 Bowie, Malcolm, Freud, Proust, and Lacan: TTieory as Fiction, reviewed by Patrick Brady, 13, 391 Brady, Patrick, Rococo Style versus Enlightenment Novel, reviewed by George Poe, 12, 129 Review of Allan H. Pasco, Novel Configurations: A Study ofFrench Fiction, 13, 173 Review of Malcolm Bowie, Freud, Proust, and Lacan: Tneory as Fiction, 13, 391 Brodsky, Claudia, J., TL· Imposition ofForm: Studies in Narrative Representation and Knowledge , reviewed by Cornelia E. Brown, 13, 396 Broman, Walter E., review of August Strindberg, Selected Plays, 12, 151 Review of William Myers, Milton and Free Will: An Essay in Criticism and Philosophy, 13, 180 Brosman, Catharine Savage, review of Denis Hollier, TL· Politics ofProse: Essay on Sartre, 12,321 Brown, Cornelia...


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