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ANNOUNCEMENTS The 1987 meeting of the International Association of Phdosophy and Literature will be held for three days at the University of Kansas beginning on April 30th. Postmodernism is the theme of die conference, and the organizers seek presentations relating aspects of postmodernism to literature and the arts, phdosophy, feminism, architecture and environments , cultural theory, and the concept of the classical. Proposals or papers widi abstracts should be sent to Professor Gary Shapiro, Department of Philosophy, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas 66045. The journal Mosaic is sponsoring a conference to be held at the University of Manitoba in May, 1987. Entitled "Contexts," it will, according to information received, explore "the ways in which insights from other disciplines or areas of research can be used in die study of literature, and vice-versa." Further particulars are available from the program chairman, John J. Teunissen, Mosaic, 208 Tier Building, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3T 2N2. We have received news of a new journal, Krisis, edited by Ileana Marcoulesco. The second number contains a wealth of diverse material, including an article by Karl Pribram on the mind-body problem, and contributions by Robert Solomon, Alphonso Lingis, Philippe Sollers, Richard Palmer, Richard M. Martin, and Samuel Beckett. Further information can be had from Krisis, 2501 Swift Blvd., Houston, Texas 77030. The International Association of Literary Semantics plans to convene a conference in the summer of 1991 or 1992. Further d├ętails can be obtained from the editor of theJournal ofLiterary Semantics, Honeywood Cottage, 35 Seaton Avenue, Hythe, Kent CT21 5HH, England. An Anglo-French Conference on Rhetoric in Philosophy is scheduled for April, 1987 at Middlesex Polytechnic in North London. Among the topics for the conference: Literature, Philosophy, and Science; Essays, Aphorisms, and Encyclopaedias^ Dramatic and Narrative Techniques; and Examples, Metaphors, and Models. Further information can be had by writing Jonadian Ree at Middlesex Polytechnic, All Saints, White Hart Lane, London Nl 7 8HR, England. The Australian journal, Critical Philosophy, plans a special issue on Literature and Philosophy. The closing date for submission of papers is April 30, 1987. The special issue will be connected to a conference on the subject to be held at the University of Sydney in March. Inquiries should be sent to Paul Crittenden, Department of General Philosophy, University of Sydney, N.S.W. 2006, Australia. August, 1987 will see a Canadian conference on "Aesdietic Illusion and Disillusion, an Analysis of a Structural Principle Governing the Literature and Ideas of the Seventeenth Century." Specific details can be obtained from Dr. Judith Spencer, Department ofFrench, Camrose Lutheran College , Camrose, Alberta T4V 2R3, Canada. The Society for Literature and Science plans a conference dealing with all aspects of the relationship between literature and science. The meeting will be held next year in Worcester, Massachusetts. For further information , contact StephenJ. Weininger, Department of Chemistry, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Massachusetts 01609. ...


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