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ANNOUNCEMENTS Two English-language philosophy journals from Poland have recently come to our attention. Dialectics and Humanism is edited by Janusz Kuczyiiski. The issue we saw is a fat 268 pages, packed with interesting material, including an essay "On Philosophical Aesthetics," by Roman Ingarden, the first English publication of a play by Mircea Eliade, articles on the theater and on the dramas of Karol Wojtyla (John Paul II), Malinowski's theory ofculture, psychoanalysis and hermeneutics (by Adolph Gr├╝nbaum), the Polish scholar Antonina Kfoskowska, the Avant-garde, and essays in intellectual history. The book reviews have a broad range and the journal also contains an engaging summary of the goings-on at a recent Anglo-Polish symposium on moral philosophy. In addition to its regular offerings, Dialectics andHumanism presents occasioned special issues. Soon to be published is an extensive collection of essays on Marx, an issue devoted to "Reason and Rationality," and in 1984 a number devoted to the International Congress of Aesthetics to be held in Montreal. At $15.00 a year, Dialectics and Humanism is a bargain. Further information and subscriptions can be had by writing the Secretary of the journal, Zbigniew Wieczorek, Dialectics and Humanism, Nowy Swiat 49, 00-042 Warszawa, Poland. More in the mold of a mainstream philosophy journal is Reports on Philosophy, edited by Zbigniew Kuderowicz of the Jageillonian University in Krakow. We were unable to determine a foreign subscription price from our copies. All of the articles are in English, though most of the contributors appear to be Polish. Recent topics include personality and art, Kuhn and the Copernican revolution, the classification of acts, functionalism and social anthropology, Dilthy and Cassirer, Simone Weil and Romantic conservatism, and Heidegger's interpretation of Kant. Subscription particulars can be had by writing the Executive Editor of Reports on Philosophy, Elzbieta Paczkowska-Lagowska, Instytut Filozofii, ul. Grodzka 52, 31-044 Krakow, Poland. "Artworks and the Transformations of Philosophy" is the theme of the Tenth International Congress of Aesthetics, to be held in Montreal from the 1 5th to the 19th of August, 1984. The Congress will focus on "the general problem of how appreciating artworks can raise critical questions in philosophical reflection ," but it promises a wide variety of plenary sessions and special sections. Deadline for the submission of short papers for special sections is February 15, 1984. Complete information can be had by writing Professor Peter McCormick, Department of Philosophy, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario KlN 6N5, Canada. A symposium entitled "Literature and Phenomenology: Poetics and the Origins of the Work of Art" is planned for the Summer of 1985. Further particulars can be obtained by contacting Professor M. E. Kronegger, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan 48824. 291 ...


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