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Philosophy and Literature Index to Volumes 6 and 7 (Vol. 6, Fall 1982: pp. 1-224; Vol. 7, Spring 1983: pp. 1-144 and Fall 1983: pp. 145-289) Aarsleff, Hans, From Locke to Saussure: Essays on the Study ofLanguage and Intellectual History, reviewed by Francis Sparshott, 7, 253 Ackerman, R. D., review of Michael Sprinker, "A Counterpoint ofDissonance": TheAesthetics and Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins, 6, 209 After the New Criticism, reviewed by Charles Altieri, 6, 210 Agassi, Joseph, "This Message is for You. Maybe." 7, 95 Altieri, Charles, review of Frank Lentricchia, After the New Criticism, 6, 210 "Apple in the Vortex: Newton, Blake, and Descartes, The," by Bryce J. Christensen, 6,147 Architecture of Experience, The, reviewed by John King-Farlow, 7, 136 Art of Dostoevsky: Deliriums and Nostrums, The, reviewed by Hugh Mercer Curtler, 7, 138 "Art and Truth: Reading Proust," by Mary Crenshaw Rawlinson, 6, 1 Artist and the City, The, reviewed by Michael Winkler, 7, 262 Arts on the Level: The Fall of the Elite Object, reviewed by Larry Shiner, 6, 221 Attack on Literature and Other Essays, The, reviewed by A. R. Louch, 7, 99 Autobiography: Towards a Poetics ofExperience, reviewed by Steven Rendali, 7, 127 Bakhtin, M. M., The Dialogic Imagination: Four Essays, reviewed by John Fizer, 7, 270 Barnes, Hazel E., Sartre & Flaubert, reviewed by Dale Cosper, 7, 122 Bell-Villada, Gene, H., Borges and His Fiction: A Guide to His Mind and Art, reviewed by William Slaymaker, 6, 218 Blake, Hegel and Dialectic, reviewed by Michael Fischer, 7, 265 Borges and His Fiction: A Guide to His MindandArt, reviewed by William Slaymaker, 6, 218 Braden, Wilbur S., review of B. J. Tysdahl, William Godwin as Novelist, 7, 130 Bredin, Hugh, review of Denis Donoghue, Ferocious Alphabets, 7, 124 Breit, Frederick J., review of James D. Wilkinson, The Intellectual Resístame in Europe, 7,269 Broman, Walter E., review of Francis Deutch Louis, Swifi's Anatomy ofMisunderstanding, 7, 137 Burger, Ronna, Plato's "Phaedrus": A Defense of the Philosophic Art of Writing, reviewed by Christopher Gill, 6, 217 Cascardi, A. J., review of Richard Rorty, Consequences ofPragmatism: (Essays: 1972-1980), 7, 128 Casuistical Tradition in Shakespeare, Donne, Herbert, andMilton, The, reviewed by Richard D. Lord, 7, 277 Cavell, Stanley, Pursuits of Happiness: The Hollywood Comedy of Remarriage, reviewed by Richard Eldridge, 7, 140 Caws, Mary Ann, review of Michael Kelly, Modem French Marxism, 7, 268 283 284Philosophy and Literature Chain ofBecoming: The Philosophical Tale, the Novel and a Neglected Realism ofthe Enlightenment: Swift, Montesquieu, Voltaire, Johnson, and Austen, The, reviewed by David Pollard, 7,258 "Character in a Coherent Fiction: On Putting King Lear Back Togedier Again," by Sanford Freedman, 7, 196 Christensen, Bryce J., "The Apple in the Vortex: Newton, Blake, and Descartes," 6, 147 Cohen, Richard A., review of Geoffrey H. Hartman, Saving the Text: Literature/Derrida/ Philosophy, 6, 223 Consciousness and Time: A Study in the Philosophy and Narrative Technique ofJoseph Conrad, reviewed by Steven L. Ross, 7, 267 Consequences of Pragmatism: (Essays: 1972-1980), reviewed by A. J. Cascardi, 7, 128 Contemporary Literary Hermeneutics and Interpretation of Classical Texts, reviewed by Patricia Altenbernd Johnson, 6, 220 Cosper, Dale, review of Hazel E. Barnes, Sartre & Flaubert, 7, 122 "Counterpoint ofDissonance": The Aesthetics and Poetry of Gerard Manly Hopkins, A, reviewed by R. D. Ackerman, 6, 209 Crow, Christine, Paul Valéry and the Poetry of Voice, reviewed by Lois Vines, 7, 125 Curtler, Hugh Mercer, review of Robert Louis Jackson, The Art ofDostoevsky: Deliriums and Nostrums, 7, 138 Danto, Arthur C, "Narration and Knowledge," 6, 17 Deconstruction: Theory and Practice, reviewed by Denis Donoghue, 7, 248 DeGeorge, Richard T., ed., Semiotic Themes, reviewed by Parrish W. Jones, 7, 139 Depew, David J. , review of Susan Sniader Lanser, The Narrative Act: Point of View in Prose Fiction, 7, 134 Desire in Language, reviewed by Willis Domingo, 6, 215 Dialogic Imagination: Four Essays, The, reviewed by John Fizer, 7, 270 Dipple, Elizabeth, Iris Murdoch: Workfor the Spirit, reviewed by Peter Lamarque, 7, 131 Domingo, Willis, review ofJulia Kristeva, Desire in Language, 6, 215 Dolan, Carl, review of John Carlos Rowe, Through the Custom-House: Nineteenth-Century American Fiction and Modem...


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