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NOTES AND QUERIES Edited by Boyd B. Stutter 517 Main Street Charleston, West Virginia This department is designed as an open forum for researchers into Civil War themes and for readers of Civil War History in general. It is open for questions on and discussions of phases of the Great Conflict and its personnel. Also, we welcome notes on newly discovered, little known, or other sidelights of the war. Contributions are invited; address Notes and Queries Editor. QUERIES TVo. 88—General Sherman's Estimate of General Willich: Now that Lloyd Lewis is dead, there are no doubt many others like myself who are specializing on General William T. Sherman. Sherman was a prolific writer and speaker, though some of his quoted statements are difficult to identify. Among my notes, made perhaps fifteen years ago, there is one in which he is supposed to have made the statement that the German General August Willich, of Cincinnati, was "the greatest soldier I ever knew." Somehow I failed to mark down the reference and now I have been searching fruitlessly to rediscover the source. Perhaps some Sherman student might be able to confinn or deny the statement. Query: If a genuine Sherman estimate, where was the statement made and where is it published? James Barnett No. 89—Casualties at the Battle of Brandy Station: There is a wide variance in the statements of casualties at Brandy Station , so much so that the record is very confusing. Some of the reports are as follows: OR, XXVII, pt. 2, 709 (Stuart's report), Confederate 2,200, Union 5,000; ibid., 719, Confederate 485, Union 523; Freeman's R. E. Lee, III, 32, Confederate 485, Union 930; Campaigns of the Civil War, XVII, 215, Confederate 700, Union 500; The Civil War Centennial Handbook, p. 67, Confederate 700, Union 500; Harry Hansen's The Civil War, p. 362, Confederate 301, Union 421. 331 332BOYD B. STUTLER Query: What is the correct number of losses? Bob Dewhirst No. 90—Halleck a Neglected Civil War General: As a collector of Civil War biographies, I am somewhat perplexed by the complete lack of anything written about General Henry W. Halleck . Nearly every mediocre general in the war has had his hero-worshippers and apologists, so why has Halleck been neglected? (Good, bad, or in between, this man was in a central position and had a very influential part in the conduct of the war. ) Query: Why? John F. Kendall ANSWERS No. 79—Military Career of Joseph M. Hinds: A complete answer to this query posed by Kyrill Schabert ( September , 1961 ) is furnished by Lee D. Saegesser, Arlington, Virginia. The record as found in the Civil War section of the National Archives is as follows: In Company H, 8th Illinois Infantry. Private in Captain Sturgess' company; age nineteen; mustered into service July 25, 1861; joined for duty and enrolled at Cairo, Illinois, same day. Three months' man; reenlisted for the war. July, 1861-December, 1862, present for duty. Detached for duty as teamster, February, 1863; again on duty with regiment March, 1863-October, 1864. Appointed fifth sergeant July 11, 1863. Re-enlisted February 1, 1864, at Vicksburg, Mississippi. Discharged October 16, 1864, at the mouth of White River, Arkansas. Hinds was born in Fayette County, Illinois, and was living at Vandalia at time of enlistment; had brown eyes, dark hair, dark complexion, and was five feet, ten inches tall. In Company A, 1st Alabama Cavalry, Union Army. Appointed second Ueutenant July 1, 1864. On duty with the company November, 1864August , 1865; mustered out at Huntsville, Alabama, October 20, 1865. Pension File No. Xc2,677,119. Soldier filed for pension July 29, 1890; wife filed for pension October 23, 1903. No. 80—Propaganda Letter Attributed to Lincoln: Joseph George, Jr., assistant professor of history in Villanova University , provides an answer to Stephen E. Ambrose's query about a fake propaganda letter attributed to Lincoln. Professor George writes that the quotation often known as the "enthronement of corporations" letter was noted by Helen Nicolay in her Personal Traits of Abraham IJncoln (1912), pp. 380-381, with the statement that her father, John G. Nicolay , was called upon to deny this alleged Lincoln letter...


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