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130 Journal of Burma Studies, Volume 9 U PE MAUNG TIN BIBLIOGRAPHY Patricia M. Herbert I����������� In 1969 a selection of U Pe Maung Tin’s literary research papers (including some that had originally been wri�en in English and were now translated into Burmese) was published in Burma to commemorate his eightieth birthday (24 April 1968). Titled `mn\ mawt—o qmuic\;AsNHc\. quetqnsatm\;mja; (Myanma wuthtu thamaing asahninthuteithanasa -dan-mya)[TheearlyhistoryoftheBurmese novel and other research papers] and with a preface by the then Chairman of the Burma Research Society, U Tha Myat, it contained two introductory pages of tributes wri�en by U Pe Maung Tin’s former students, now themselves illustrious literary figures, among them: Min Thu Wun (U Wun), Ludu Daw Amar, Shwe U Daung, Min Yu Wei, and Zawgyi (U Thein Han). To cite just one tribute (by Min Yu Wei): “Hsaya-gyi [‘great teacher’U Pe Maung Tin] undertook to spread Burmese literature to everyone—all peoples of Burma—in order that they should be able to understand each other, be united, close and work as one.” He went on to say: “Today, hsaya-gyi has no car, no brick building, no luxury goods. But he does have in abundance people’s steadfast loving words and respect.” Min Yu Wei contributed to the compilation a description of the eightieth birthday kadaw-pwe [honoring ceremony] held by the Burma Research Society at the University of Rangoon for Professor Pe Maung Tin and gave a short account of his life and achievements, stating that U Pe Maung Tin had wri�en altogether eighteen books in Burmese, twelve in English, fortytwo research articles, six other articles and fi�y-two reviews. In fact, the tally is much larger, given that many more of U Pe Maung Tin’s writings have been traced while others have been reprinted or only published posthumously. Interestingly, but in keeping with the political climate of Burma in the socialist (Burma Socialist Program Party) era, no mention was made— even when discussing the Burma Research Society and the translation of The Glass Palace Chronicle—of U Pe Maung Tin’s Journal of Burma Studies, Volume 9 131 U Pe Maung Tin Bibliography brother-in-law, the eminent historian of early Pagan, Gordon H. Luce (who was forced by the government to leave Burma in 1964 a�er nearly fi�y years’ residence). But, for many, their names are forever linked and associated with Burma’s most fertile intellectual period, the 1920s and 1930s, when Burmese and foreigners shared—most notably through the medium of the Burma Research Society—the excitement of researching and writing about all aspects of Burma’s past and of fostering literary and cultural developments. The bibliography of U Pe Maung Tin’s writings that follows is arranged chronologically by date of publication so as to highlight his prodigious output, somehow achieved amidst all his teaching duties; travels; full involvement in the Burma Research Society, including the editorship of the Journal of the Burma Research Society; the university debating society; his service on the university textbook commi�ee and Burmese dictionary commi�ee; general editorship of the Burmese text series of the Burma Research Society; his chairmanship of the Burma (Myanmar) Historical Commission; his musical recreations; and his Christian and family commitments. I initially compiled the bibliography for the September 1998 London Symposium and have since revised and expanded it, including by cross-checking against entries from the U Pe Maung Tin Bibliography compiled by U Thaw Kaung, the retired Chief Librarian of the Universities’ Central Library, Yangon, for the “U Pe Maung Tin 111th Birthday Symposium” held in Yangon in December 1998. He was assisted by librarian colleagues Daw Tin Win Yi, U Than Ohn, Daw Ohnmar Oo, Daw Khin Hnin Oo, and Daw Su; and his bibliography was published in 1999 with the other Yangon symposium papers, including a reprint of five papers by U Pe Maung Tin, in: VI;ePemac\tc\ 111NHs\`pv\. gu¯\#psatm\;mja; (U Pe Maung Tin 111-hnit-pyei gon-pyu sa-dan-mya) [Papers in honor of U Pe Maung Tin’s 111th anniversary], p. 65–92 of the English language section. U Thaw Kaung...


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