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Human Biology 75.1 (2003) 141-142

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Erratum —Human Biology

Volume 74, Number 3 (June 2002, pp. 473-488), "JC Virus Genotypes in the Western Pacific Suggest Asian Mainland Relationships and Virus Association with Early Population Movements," by Richard Yanagihara, Vivek R. Nerurkar, Iris Scheirich, Hansjürgen T. Agostini, Charles S. Mgone, Xiaohong Cui, David V. Jobes, Christopher L. Cubitt, Caroline F. Ryschkewitsch, Daniel B. Hrdy, Jonathan S. Friedlaender, and Gerald L. Stoner.

In Figure 3 on page 480 two labels on the phylogenetic tree were transposed (the Type 7B and Type 7C groups). The correct version of Figure 3 is reprinted on the following page.[End Page 141]

Figure 1