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just as he assumes wealth will cause an increase in his power. Lázaro, however , concentrates on the second stage, wherein the impetus of the new-born river is transformed into a less showy, more stately and, inferentially, more thoughtful progress as it reaches the level plains prior to entering the sea. The overt power seen by Nabal is contrasted to the quiet strength inferred by Lázaro, as each interprets his image according to his own motivations. The "mansos" is crucial to Lázaro, reflecting the necessity of man's meekness, and by extension the implicit reminder that those in power have the greater need for humility. A comment which could be taken by the audience with reference to the play itself as well as to the society of the time. ít¿S«b NOTES 1 Jorge Manrique, Cancionero, ed. by Augusto Cortina, Clás. cast. (Madrid, 1960), 90. 2 Pedro Salinas, Ensayos de literatura hisp ánica, ed. by Juan Marichal, Aguilar (Madrid , 1958), 177-192. 3 Lope de Vega, Obras, RAE ed. ( Madrid, 1893), III, 20. 4 Robert J. Bininger, "A Tentative Edition of Mira de Amescua's La vida y muerte de San Lázaro," unpub. M. A. thesis (Ohio State University, 1951). All references to this play are to this edition. 5 1 quote at length so that the reader may compare another gloss by Mira of the identical quatrain in El esclavo del demonio, III, 2791-2830. Spanish 3 Research Committee Project The project, as announced in the Spring issue of the Bulletin, is a critical survey and annotated bibliography of editions and studies of Calderón, 1951-1966. The compilers, with the periods for which they are responsible, are: 1951-52 James A. Castañeda, Rice University 1953-54 Arthur M. Fox, Queen's University 1955-56 Harry W. Hilborn, Queen's University 1957-58 Carlos Ortigoza, Indiana University 1959-60 Karl L. Selig, Cornell University 1961-62 Jack H. Parker, University of Toronto 1963-64 Walter Poesse, Indiana University 1965-66 Richard W. Tyler, University of Nebraska The Committee hopes to complete the initial stage of the project — the compiling of the annotated bibliographies and the preparation of the critical surveys of the various periods — by the end of 1967 so that the volume can appear in 1968. The Committee Chairman is A. M. Fox, Department of Spanish , Queen's University, Kingston, Ont., Canada. 38 ...


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