restricted access Patterns and Rates of Land Use Land Cover Change: A Case Study of Ambos Nogales (Arizona and Sonora), 1985-2004

The continued expansion of the paired U.S.-Mexican border cities of Ambos Nogales presents many environmental management and urban planning challenges. This study focuses on a comparative study of spatial patterns and rates of land-use and land-cover change, in relation to land degradation, deforestation, and urban growth over different time periods. Based on historical data the study suggests that both cities have experienced high land degradation; however, land on the Arizona-side has been more stable and less degraded. However, there were more severely degraded areas found in Nogales, Arizona, than in Nogales, Sonora. The delineation of land use change and the severity of land degradation provide important information to planners about areas that should be targeted for development and other areas that require restoration to natural settings.