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Quaker Research in Progress The following list of current or recent studies in Quaker history continues the series of such notices appearing regularly in the Bulletin. It is of course improbable that the list is complete, but it is interesting as showing where the present frontiers of Quaker research are. Information concerning other Quaker studies in progress but not published should be sent to Henry J. Cadbury, Chairman of the Committee on Historical Research, 7 Buckingham Place, Cambridge 38, Massachusetts. Walter Forrest Altman, 502 North Duval Street, Tallahassee, Florida. John Woolman's Mysticism. (A study of the influence of Fénelon, Thomas à Kempis, and others.) Florida State University: English, thesis for Ph.D. degree. Research begun. Harvey Buchanan, 10709 Rosehill Road, Cleveland 4, Ohio. Quakerism in Italy. (A study of Jerocades' Pulcinella da Quacchero and Magnasco 's painting Predica dei Quaccheri.) Research completed; writing begun. Helen L. J. Chisholm, Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Prudence Crandall: A Narrative Tale. W. Alan Cole, 4 North Terrace, Cambridge, England. Development of Quaker Political Ideas, 1647-1660. (An attempt to reconstruct Quaker attitudes to the seventeenth-century revolutionary movement, relations with Levellers, Fifth Monarchists, etc.) Cambridge University; thesis for Ph.D. degree, 1954. Maurice Creasey, Woodbrooke, Selly Oak, Birmingham, England. The Christology of the Early Friends with Special Reference to Isaac Penington. University of Leeds. Leif S. Eeg-Olofsson, St. Algatan 6, Lund, Sweden. The Inner Light in Robert Barclay's Theology. University of Lund; thesis for D.D. degree, 1953. In press. Anthony N. B. Garvan, Box 46, College Hall, University of Pennsylvania , Philadelphia 4, Pennsylvania. The Urban Practice of the Penn Proprietary. (Quaker esthetics, business practice, and town design in an American environment.) Research begun. Philip C. Gifford, 638 Hospital Trust Building, 15 Westminster Street, Providence 3, Rhode Island. The First Providence Friends Meetinghouse . (The building of the meetinghouse in 1703 and its history during the first fifty years. ) 37 38Bulletin of Friends Historical Association Paul M. James, Beech Lawn, Mottram Road, Stalybridge, Cheshire, England. Cromwell and the Quakers; An Historical Dissertation. (Discusses the genuine religious character of Cromwell and his partial affinity to the Quakers, but shows why, besides sympathy, mutual hostility marked their relations.) University College, University of Wales: History, thesis for B.A. degree, 1952. T. Canby Jones, Woodbrooke, Selly Oak, Birmingham, England. The Person of Christ in the Message of George Fox and the Relation of His Message to Contemporary Puritanism and to Present-Day Neo-Protestant Thought. Yale University. Clifford Lewis, Jr., 240 South 4th Street, Philadelphia 6, Pennsylvania. Descendants of the William Penn Treaty Elm. Maurice A. Mook, Department of Sociology, Pennsylvania State University , State College, Pennsylvania. (1) The Quakerism of Sir Francis Galton. (2) Two Quaker Contributions to Psychology—John Dalton and Thomas Young. (3) Five Quaker Anthropologists (J. C. Prichard, William Pengelly, Henry Christy, E. B. Tylor, and Pliny Earle Goddard). William T. Reedy, Jr., 589 Yale Station, New Haven, Connecticut. The Muggletonians. Yale University: History, thesis for B.A. degree, 1954. Joseph S. Sickler, Pendle Hill, Wallingford, Pennsylvania. John Fenwick , Quaker Governor. (An objective study of Fenwick's colony, Salem, West New Jersey, 1675-1683.) Completed. Marie Strong, 601 Chestnut, Anderson, Indiana. The Quakers' Contribution to Lay Religion. University of Chicago: Church History, thesis for AM. degree, 1953. Mack E. Thompson, 281 Benefit Street, Providence, Rhode Island. Moses Brown: Man of Public Responsibility. Brown University: History, thesis for Ph.D. degree. Robert Whitney Tucker, Jr., Dunster C-Il, Cambridge 38, Massachusetts . Theory of Expression in Quakerism. (With reference to Protestant and Catholic metaphysics and to the stylistic traditions in seventeenthcentury England.) Harvard College: History and Literature, thesis for A.B. degree, 1954. Winifred M. White, 65 St. Mildreds Road, Lee, London, S.E. 12, England . Christian Contributions to the Treatment of Mental Illness. Nottingham University: Theology, thesis for B.A. degree. Edward E. Wildman, 409 East Second Street, Moorestown, New Jersey. Correspondence of John Bartram. (Letters to and from Bartram, including his descriptions of about thirty American trees—the first ever written by a native American.) To be published in 1954 by the American Philosophical Society. ...