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ARTICLES AND PUBLICATIONS Prepared by Barbara L. Curtis 63 1 Walnut Lane Haverford, PA 19041 In accord with earlier established practice the editor of this column has prepared a partial bibliography of publications, largely articles, which have appeared in Volume 20A (1983) oí American History and Life. The listings below are based on a search of the data base using the key words Quakers, Society of Friends, William Penn and John Woolman. No listing is given of materials either mentioned or published in preceding numbers of Quaker History. A similar computer search in Dissertation Abstracts will be produced in a later issue of Quaker History. % * ^ 20A-693. Anderson, J.D. has a biographical essay in the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography: v. 89, no. 4 (1981), pp. 425-447, entitled "Thomas Wharton, exile in Virginia, 1777-1778." * * * 20A-6034. Banes, R.A. writes about "The Exemplary Self: Autobiography in Eighteenth Century America" in Biography: v. 5, no. 3 (1982), pp. 226-239. John Woolman is one ofthree examples studied in depth in this article. * * * 20A-184. Chu, J. M. The New England Quarterly: v. 54, no. 3 (1981), pp. 365-384, carries an article by J.M. Chu entitled "The Social and Political Contexts of Heterodoxy : Quakerism in Seventeenth Century Kittery (Maine)." * * * 20A-3584. Chu, J.M. is also the author of "The Social Contexts of Religious Heterodoxy: the Challenge of Seventeenth Century Quakerism to Orthodoxy in Massachusetts" in the Essex Institute Historical Collection: v. 118, no. 2 (1982) pp. 119-150. * * * 20A-5277. Crew, S. examines two towns in New Jersey, Camden and Elizabeth, with regard to racism in the nineteenth century in "Black New Jersey Before the Civil War: Two Case Studies" in New Jersey History: v. 99, no. 1-2 (1981), pp. 6686 . * * * 20A-191. Endy, M.B. in the Pennsylvania Magazine ofHistory and Biography: v. 105, no. 4 (1981), pp. 453-468, writes on William Penn in "Theology in a Religiously Pluralistic World: Some Contributions ofWilliam Penn." * * * 20A- 194. Frost, J.W. presents a study entitled "Religious Liberty in Early Pennsylvania " in Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography: v. 105, no. 4 ( 198 1) , pp. 4 19-452 . Frost examines the work ofWilliam Penn in setting up the noncoercive Quaker government in Pennsylvania. * * * 20A-904. Goering, W. is the author of an article entitled "To Obey, Rebelling: The Quaker Dilemma in Moby Dick," which is an examination of Melville's knowledge of Quaker thought and practice as experienced in the Friends' community on Nantucket. This study appeared in the New England Quarterly: v. 54, no. 4 (1981), pp. 519-538. 65 66Quaker History 20A-6300. Gura, RF. has an article "Samuel Gorton and Religious Radicalism in England, 1644-1648" in the William and Mary Quarterly: v. 40, no. 1 (1983), pp. 121-124. This is a report on Gorton's contacts with Quakerism. 20A-201. Halvorsen, D. "On Quaker Soil" describes the role of Quakers in the seventeenth century of southwest New Jersey. The account was published in Early American Life: v. 13, no. 3 (1982), pp. 32-37. * * * 20A-6303. Jordan, D.W. is author of "God's Candle Within Government: Quakers and Politics in Early Maryland." The article appeared in the William and Mary· Quarterly: v. 39, no. 4 (1982), pp. 628-654. * * # 20A-3599. Kelley, D. B. The Pennsylvania Magazine ofHistory and Biography: v. 106, no. 1 (1982), pp. 69-88, has an article by D.B. Kelley entitled "A Tender Regard to the Whole Creation." This is an analysis of the work of Anthony Benezet and the emergence of an 18th century Quaker ecology. * * * 20A-5335. Kemble, H. "In the World of the Spirits: An Account of an Early 'Afterlife' Experience," published in the Rhode Island History: v. 40. no. 2 (1981), pp. 62-66, is based on documents in the Moses Brown Papers, and relates the experience of an unidentified Philadelphia Quaker during the 1790's. * * * 20A-214. Lurie, M.N. presents a study of the proprietary activities ofWilliam Penn in the Pennsylvania Magazine ofHistory and Biography: v. 105, no. 4 (1981), pp. 393-418. The article is entitled "William Penn: How Does he Rate as a Proprietor?" 20A-2537...


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