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The Americas

Charmain Eddy • Darwin and Faulkner’s Novels: Evolution and Southern Fiction, by Michael Wainwright. 624

Logan Esdale • The Quest for Epic in Contemporary American Fiction: John Updike, Philip Roth and Don DeLillo, by Catherine Morley. 627

Colin Gillis • Modernism, the Market, and the Institution of the New, by Rod Rosenquist. 630

Vincent Allan King • William Faulkner: Seeing Through the South, by John T. Matthews. 633

Merja Makinen • Popular Feminist Fiction as American Allegory, by Jane Elliott. 636

Janice Stout • On the Divide, by David Porter. 639

British, Irish, and Postcolonial Literatures

Brett Buchanan • Stalking the Subject: Modernism and the Animal, by Carrie Rohman. 642

Michael Mirabile • British Literature of the Blitz: Fighting the People’s War, by Kristine A. Miller. 645

Michael O’Sullivan • Narratives of Class in New Irish and Scottish Literature: From Joyce to Kelman, Doyle, Galloway, and McNamee, by Mary M. McGlynn. 647

Paul K. Saint-Amour • Culture in Camouflage: War, Empire, and Modern British Literature, by Patrick Deer. 650 [End Page 622]

Theory and Cultural Studies

Daniel Darvay • Gothic Romanced: Consumption, Gender, and Technology in Contemporary Fiction, by Fred Botting. 654.

Robert Hughes • Idylls of the Wanderer: Outside in Literature and Theory, by Henry Sussman. 657

Brian Lennon • The Speed Handbook: Velocity, Pleasure, Modernism, by Enda Duffey. 660

Siobhan Phillips • Glamour in Six Dimensions: Modernism and the Radiance of Form, by Judith Brown. 663

Steven Trout • Media, Memory, and the First World War, by David Williams. 666 [End Page 623]



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