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Index des ouvrages recensés Index to Books Reviewed Ackerman, Alan, and Martin Puchner, eds Against Theatre: Creative Destructions on the Modernist Stage 525 Adams, Christopher Politics in Manitoba: Parties, Leaders, and Voters 518 Aksan, Virginia H., and Daniel Goffman, eds The Early Modern Ottomans: Remapping the Empire 386 Allen, Richard The View from Murney Tower: Salem Bland, the Late Victorian Controversies, and the Search for a New Christianity 369 Anderson, Emma The Betrayal of Faith: The Tragic Journey of a Colonial Native Convert 363 Andrès, Bernard. See Bouchard, Gérard Armstrong-Reid, Susan, and David Murray Armies of Peace: Canada and the UNRRA Years 571 Asselin, Guillaume. See Ouellet, Pierre Atkinson, Logan, and Diana Majury Law, Mystery, and the Humanities: Collected Essays 480 Ayukawa, Michiko Midge Hiroshima Immigrants in Canada, 1891– 1941 586 Baker, Emerson W. See Reid, John G. Bakht, Natasha, ed Belonging and Banishment: Being Muslim in Canada 372 Bangarth, Stephanie Voices Raised in Protest: Defending North American Citizens of Japanese Ancestry, 1942– 49 372 Bartlett, Brian, ed Don McKay: Essays on His Works 503 Barton, Bruce Collective Creation, Collaboration and Devising 529 Barton, Bruce, ed Developing Nation: New Play Creation in English-Speaking Canada 531 Baskerville, Peter. See Sager, Eric W. Beards, Andrew Method in Metaphysics: Lonergan and the Future of Analytical Philosophy 406 Beaty, Bart David Cronenberg’s A History of Violence 476 Beaudry, Jacques La fatigue d’être. Saint-Denys Garneau, Claude Gauvreau, Hubert Aquin 106 Beaulieu, Victor-Lévy La Grande Tribu, c’est la faute à Papineau. Grotesquerie 127 Bentley, G.E., Jr. William Blake’s Conversations: A Compilation, Concordance, and Rhetorical Analysis 427 Biron, Michel, François Dumont, Élisabeth Nardout-Lafarge, avec la coll. de Martine-Emmanuelle Lapointe Histoire de la littérature québécoise 81 Bittermann, Rusty Rural Protest on Prince Edward Island: From British Colonization to the Escheat Movement 566 Blayer, Irene Maria F. See Fagundes, Francisco Cota Boisclair, Antoine. See Roy, Gabrielle Bouchard, Gérard et Bernard Andrès, s. la dir. Mythes et sociétés des Amériques 100 Boulanger, Jean-Claude. See Cormier, Monique C. Bouraoui, Hédi Transpoétique. Éloge du nomadisme 142 Bourneuf, Roland Pierres de touche. Essai 121 Bowen, Elizabeth, and Charles Ritchie, ed Victoria Glendinning, with Judith Robertson Love’s Civil War: Letters and Diaries, 1941–1973 498 Boyagoda, Randy Race, Immigration, and American Identity in the Fiction of Salman Rushdie, Ralph Ellison, and William Faulkner 438 Bringhurst, Robert Everywhere Being is Dancing: Twenty Pieces of Thinking 488 Brock, Timothy Vermeer’s Hat: The Seventeenth Century and the Dawn of the Global World 385 Bumsted, J.M. Lord Selkirk: A Life 574 Byrnes, Terence Closer to Home: The Author and the Author Portrait 445 Campbell, Gwyn, Suzanne Miers, and Joseph C. Miller, eds Women and Slavery: The Modern Atlantic: Volume Two 548 Canitz, A.E. Christa, and Andrew Taylor Confronting the Present with the Past: Essays in Honour of Sheila Delany. Volume 23.1 (2006) of Florilegium 440 Carlson, Hans M. Home is the Hunter: The James Bay Cree and Their Land 554 Carter, Sarah The Importance of Being Monogamous: Marriage and Nation Building in Western Canada to 1915 582 Casey, Stephen The Greater Glory: Thirty-seven Years with the Jesuits 367 Castonguay-Bélanger, Joël Les écarts de l’imagination. Pratiques et représentations de la science dans le roman au tournant des Lumières 154 Castricano, Jodey, ed Animal Subjects: An Ethical Reader in a Posthuman World 415 Cazabon, Benoı̂t Langue et culture. Unité et discordance 193 Cazes, Hélène, études réunies et éditées par Histoire d’enfants. Représentations et discours de l’enfance sous l’Ancien Régime 151 Chakravartty, Anjan A Metaphysics for Scientific Realism: Knowing the Unobservable 409 Chapco, Ellen. See Côté, Nicole Chapman, David L., and Thomas Waugh Comin’ at ya!: The Homoerotic 3-D Photographs of Denny Denfield 454 Chapnick, Adam. See Hillmer, Norman Charest, Nelson Vaisseau, le grand poème. Coleridge, Poe, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Mallarmé, Nelligan, Valéry 106 Chassay, Jean-François Dérives de la fin. Sciences, corps & villes 95 Cheetham, Mark A., Elizabeth Legge, and...


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