restricted access A Comparison of Two Educational Methods on Immigrant Latinas Breast Cancer Knowledge and Screening Behaviors

Underutilization of screening mammography by Latinas continues unabated and may contribute to disparities in disease-free survival and mortality.

Objective. Comparison of two discussion group-centered educational interventions at enhancing breast cancer knowledge, breast self-exams (BSE), and screening mammography.

Methods. Pre-test post-test study design. Two cohorts of 200 Latinas each participated in survey screening and discussion groups at baseline. One cohort also viewed an animated video and had BSE training. Breast cancer knowledge, self-reported BSE and mammography history were measured at baseline and three months post-intervention.

Results. Breast cancer knowledge scores were good for both groups at baseline, and significantly increased at three month follow-up for both groups (p<.05) but no significant difference was observed between groups at baseline or post-intervention.

Conclusion. Community-based discussion groups are a cost-effective method for improving breast cancer knowledge and promoting screening behaviors.