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Part IV Roster of Educators of the Deaf F F F F Roster of Educators of the Deaf 1 983 The following roster was constructed from data collection forms mailed out in September 1982. The forms were mailed to all persons on the Council on Education of the Deaf (CED) mailing list, to all members of the Convention of American Instructors of the Deaf (CAID) and to the mailing list of Schools and Classes for the Deaf in the U.S. and Canada. Only those persons who completed a form are listed. The roster provides the following information: 1) name; 2) highest degree earned; 3) school affiliation; 4) city and state; and 5) category of responsibility: EA (Educational Administrators), I (Instructional Personnel), TA (Teacher Aides), C (Clinical or Support Personnel), M (Media and Library Personnel), O (Other educators of the deaf). Persons who reported having CED certification* are indicated by an asterisk (*). Students are indicated by . MiIIvNIe Elem., Panama City, FL I Kohn, Barbara, M.A., Pinellas Co. Schs., Clearwater, FL I "Kohr, Valerie, M.S., Cleary Sch. f/t Deaf, East Setauket, NY I "Koines, Mary A., B.A., St. Joseph's Inst., Normandy, MO I Kojak, Dolores, M.A., Mt, Arlington Pub. Sch., Succasunna, NJ C "Kolemainen, Lisa, B.A., E. Lansing Aud./Oral Prgm., East Lansing, Ml I Kolmin, Susan, Skinner Sch./Chicago Bd., Chicago, IL I Kolombatovic, Vadja, M.A., Granite Hills H. S., CA I Kolzak, Jennifer, M.A., CREC H.I. Program, Wethersfield, CT EA "Konefal, Roberta, Ph.D., Pittsburgh Pub. Schs., Pittsburgh, PA EA "Koons, E., M.A., F.T. Hill Ctr., Oakland, ME EA Koonse, Bettie, M.S., Arrowhead Ed. Agency, Fort Dodge, IA C "Kopp, Harriet, Ph.D., San Diego State Univ., San Diego, CA EA •Koppel, Lenore, M.A., Interdis!. Sch. f/t H. I., Lakewood, OH EA Korman, Myra, BOCES-Nassau Co., Great Neck, NY 1 312 Roster of Educators A.A.D. I April 1983 Kotowski, Patricia, B. S., Whitney Young H.S., Oak Park, IL I Kovarik, Barbara, B.A., Alaska State Prgm./Deaf, Anchorage, AK I •Kovatch, Robert, M.S., Indiana Sch. f/t Deaf, Indianapolis, IN EA "Kowerdovich, G., Ph.D., East Connecticut, Mystic, CT I Koyle, Pamela, B.A., El Paso Reg. Prgm./Deaf, El Paso, TX I •Kozak, Victoria, M.A., Central Inst, for Deaf, St Louis, MO EA Kraayvanger, Dawn, B. S., Reg. Sch. f/t Deaf, Brownsville, TX I •Kraft, Barbara, Ph.D., Louisiana Sch. f/t Deaf, Baton Rouge, LA EA Krajec, Cynthia, B.S., A.C. Bell School, Columbus, OH 1 •Kramer, Arlene, M.S., Colonial Sch. Dist, Wilmington, DE C Kramer, Fred, Ph.D., Medicine Hat Sch. Dist., Medicine Hat, Alberta EA Kramer, Scott, M.A., California Sch. f/t Deaf, Pleasanton, CA I Krasuski, Mary, M.S., Albany Med. Ctr., Mechanicvllle, NY I •Kraut, Jaymie, M.S., Willie Ross Sch., Springfield, MA Kreger, Gayle, M.S., Univ. of S. Florida, Margate, FL I Kreis, Max S., M.S., San Diego U.S. D., LaJoIIa, CA C •Krell, Dennis, Ph.D., UnIv. of Kansas Med. Ctr., Kansas City, MO iKressin, Maggie, B.A., Gallaudet College, Cheverly, MD "Kretschmer, Robert, Ph.D., Teachers Coll. Columbia U., New York, NY I Kritz, Kenneth, M.A., Maryland Sch. f/t Deaf, Frederick, MD EA •Krol, Frances, Ph.D., So. Metro. Assn., Homewood, IL 1 Kron, Donna, B. S., Seward Elementary, Golden Valley, MN I Krone, Betty, Ph.D., Memphis City School, Memphis, TN I Krone, Norma, M.A., Carrie Busey, Urbana, IL I •Krongold, Susan, M.A., The Quest, Lauderhlll, FL I Kruse, Edwin, Rochester Sch. f/t Deaf, Rochester, NY C •Krzywalak, JoAnn, B.S., M. Katzenbach School, Trenton, NJ I Kubic, Arthur, M.S., Nathan Hale, Downers Grove, IL C •Kubis, Shelby, M.A., KDES, Laurel, MD I Kuchta, Anna, Ph.D., Lawton Pub. Schs., Lawton, OK EA CKuehn, Ginger, M.A.T., Washington Univ., St. Louis, MO C •Kuklok, Mary, Ph.D., Dakota Co. Dist. #917, Northfleld, MN I •Kulish, Claudia, B.A., UnIv. of Colorado, Wichita, KS 1 •Kulish, Helen M., M,A., Allegheny Inter. Unit, Clairton, PA I •Kulish Jr., Michael, M.A., Allegheny Inter. Unit...