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Letters to the Editor ville, Ky., has set up in a central location at the Lexington, Ky. airport an information booth for deaf people. The enclosed booth has a glass door/window which reveals a screen. On half of the screen there runs a text giving information about ticketing, reservations, baggage, and so on. The other half of the screen shows a life-size man presenting the text in sign language. Letters to the Editor To the Editor: I have been asked by a teacher of deaf children in East Africa if I can help her and her colleagues obtain secondhand copies of books of professional subjects such as speech, language development , and auditory training. I wonder whether any readers of your journal would be willing to donate texbooks which, though not out of date, are nevertheless surplus to their requirements. I believe there are many teachers in underdeveloped countries who would greatly appreciate such a gesture and would put such texts to good use. It would be very helpful if donors were willing to contribute the cost of postage, as most of the recipients will tend to find it impossible to do so. If your readers can spare any books, I should be happy to receive a letter listing books by author, title, edition, etc. (not the books themselves , please!), and to coordinate the selection of recipients and shipment details. Ian Young International Counseling Center for Parents of Hearing Impaired Children Meggen, Switzerland ERRATUM Please note the corrected legend for this graph. It was printed incorrectly on page 676 of the September 1982 issue. 3. Please estimate the percentage of time your microcomputers are used in the following tasks: ι ι TT1I ■■ι w 11% 1 2% η = 42 cases responding ^^« 62% 16% 20 t//- T------r 60 62 H Tasks 10 16 12 14 Mean % of time spent on task 18 22 Teaching of computer languages and programming Student instruction and use (simulation, drill, tutoring) Clerical (bookkeeping, attendance, etc.) Classroom management (grades, etc.) Other (please specify) A.A.D. I February 1983 ...


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