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The Americas

Michael P. Bibler • Reconstructing the World: Southern Fictions and U.S. Imperialisms, 1898–1976, by Harilaos Stecopoulos. 408

Mary Jo Bona • A Genealogy of Literary Multiculturalism, by Christopher Douglas. 411

Dan Colson • Performing Americanness: Race, Class, and Gender in Modern African-American and Jewish-American Literature, by Catherine Rottenberg. 414

Michael Kreyling • The Fourth Ghost: White Southern Writers and European Fascism, 1930–1950, by Robert H. Brinkmeyer, Jr. 417

Adam Seth Lowenstein • Frantic Panoramas: American Literature and Mass Culture 1870–1920, by Nancy Bentley. 420

Monica Osborne • American Talmud: The Cultural Work of Jewish American Fiction, by Ezra Cappell. 423

Harilaos Stecopoulos • Resisting History: Gender, Modernity, and Authorship in William Faulkner, Zora Neale Hurston, and Eudora Welty, by Barbara Ladd. 427

British, Irish, and Postcolonial Literatures

Robert Baines • Lots of Fun at Finnegans Wake: Unravelling Universals, by Finn Fordham. 431. [End Page 406]

Howard J. Booth • British Fiction and Cross-Cultural Encounters: Ethnographic Modernism from Wells to Woolf, by Carey J. Snyder. 434

Marcia K. Farrell • Elizabeth Bowen: New Critical Perspectives, by Susan Osborn, ed. 436

Erik Grayson • The Wounded Animal: J. M. Coetzee and the Difficulty of Reality in Literature and Philosophy, by Stephen Mulhall. 439

Peter Kalliney • Consuming Traditions: Modernity, Modernism, and the Commodified Authentic, by Elizabeth Outka. 442

Tonya Krouse • The Technology of the Novel: Writing and Narrative in British Fiction, by Tony E. Jackson. 445

Maren Linett • Elizabeth Bowen, by Eibhear Walshe, ed. 448

Christopher Wise • Islam, Ethics, Revolt: Politics and Piety in Francophone West African and Maghreb Narrative, by Donald R. Wehrs. 450

Theory and Cultural Studies

Chris Coffman • Surrealism and the Art of Crime, by Jonathan P. Eburne. 454

Robin Hackett • Insane Passions: Lesbianism and Psychosis in Literature and Film, by Christine E. Coffman. 457

Jesse Kavadlo • Insane Passions: Lesbianism and Psychosis in Literature and Film Qualified Hope: A Postmodern Politics of Time, by Mitchum Huehls. 460

Michael Lackey • The Theological Origins of Modernity, by Michael Allen Gillespie. 463

Rosie White • Violent Affect: Literature, Cinema, and Critique after Representation, by Marco Abel. 466 [End Page 407]



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