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The Newsletter of the International Society of the Arts, Sciences, and Technology and of l'Observatoire Leonardo des Arts et Technosciences

Prometheus Institute Galeyev Readings 2010

The Prometheus Center cordially invites Leonardo readers to take part in Galeyev Readings in Kazan, Russia, 1–7 October 2010. The event will include a conference, an exhibition and a festival in honor of scientist/artist and Leonardo Editorial Board member Bulat Makhmudovich Galeyev (1940–2009).

  1. 1. In Memoriam: B.M. Galeyev—a theorist and practitioner of new art; B.M. Galeyev's contribution to the formation of public opinion on synthetic arts development.

  2. 2. The history, theory and practice of light-music.

  3. 3. The theory and practice of new arts appearing at the cusp of the new millennium ("Son et Lumiere" performances, video installations, performances, laser and computer art, etc.).

  4. 4. Philosophers' and psychologists' views on synesthesia and its manifestation in literature and fine art.

  5. 5. Light and sound in architecture.

  6. 6. Light and sound technique. Light-sound methods of analysis and correction of the man-machine system state.

Tel: (843) 238-62-73, (843) 231-01-55; Fax: (843) 236-53-31.

Leonardo Electronic Almanac Re-Launch

Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA), a member of the Leonardo/ISAST family, has been re-launched! The new format combines the features of a high-production-value art magazine with the scholarly rigor of an academic journal. The new version of LEA, under the direction of Lanfranco Aceti, Editor in Chief, and Paul Brown, Co-editor, is a well-illustrated, attractive and readable magazine that is simultaneously available on-line as a hyperlinked screen-resolution PDF document, as a high-resolution print-on-demand magazine and in a downloadable version for book readers on electronic devices such as the Amazon Kindle. The publications are integrated into a regularly updated web portal that will provide additional and supporting services such as announcements, opportunities, interactive content-oriented blogs and wikis. The LEA on-line environment is intended to be a hierarchical content generator, with the quarterly publication representing a punctuated pinnacle of this multidimensional, user-driven, discipline-oriented social network. For more information, visit: <>

Astronymous: For Recovering Astronomers Seeking to Re-enter Society

The Astronymous twine (on-line community tool) is a subgroup of the Leonardo Scientists Working Group for professional astronomers who have dual careers as both scientists and artists, or for astronomers who have collaborated with artists in the creation of artworks. Professional astronomers wishing to join the twine should contact Jayanne English at <>. For more information, visit: <>.

Call for Papers: Nanotechnology, Nanoscale Science and Art

Guest Editor: Tami I. Spector

2011 is the International Year of Chemistry! To celebrate, Leonardo is seeking to publish papers and artworks on the intersections of chemistry, nanotechnology and art for our ongoing special section on nanotechnology and the arts. Since its inception, nanotech/science has been intimately connected to chemistry; fullerenes, nanoputians, molecular machines, nano-inorganics and self-assembling molecular systems all spring from the minds and labs of chemists, biochemists and chemical engineers. If you are a nano-oriented chemist who is serious about art, an artist working on the molecular level, or a chemical educator exploring the mysteries of nano through the arts, we are especially seeking submissions from you.

Leonardo articles already published or in press that explore the intersections of nanotech/science and art include: "Nanoscale and Painting," by artist Filipe Rocha da Silva; "Fact and Fantasy in Nanotech Imagery," by scientist David S. Goodsell; and "Midas: A Nanotechnological Exploration of Touch," by artist Paul Thomas.

For more information, visit: <>.

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