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January 2010

The Arts of China, Fifth Edition, Revised and Expanded, by Michael Sullivan. Reviewed by Amy Ione.
City/Art: The Urban Scene in Latin America, edited by Rebecca E. Biron. Reviewed by Michael R. (Mike) Mosher.
Creating Insecurity: Art and Culture in the Age of Security, edited by Wolfgang Sützl and Geoff Cox. Reviewed by Jussi Parikka.
Critical Play: Radical Game Design by Mary Flanagan. Reviewed by Michael R. (Mike) Mosher.
Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. Reviewed by Jan Baetens.
From Grain to Pixel: The Archival Life of Film in Transition by Giovanna Fossati. Reviewed by Mike Leggett.
In Search of Memory by Petra Seeger. Reviewed by Rob Harle.
The Metamorphosis of Plants by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe; introduction and photographs by Gordon L. Miller. Reviewed by Wilfred Niels Arnold.
The Paradox of Scientific Authority: The Role of Scientific Advice in Democracy by Wiebe E. Bijker, Roland Bal and Ruud Hendriks. Reviewed by Giuseppe Pennisi.
Picturing the Uncertain World: How to Understand, Communicate, and Control Uncertainty through Graphical Display by Howard Wainer. Reviewed by John F. Barber.
Superhuman: Revolution of the Species, Australian Network for Art & Technology (ANAT) and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). Reviewed by Hannah Star Rogers.
The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood. Reviewed by George Gessert.

December 2009

XLIIIrd AICA CONGRESS: The Relations between Art and Science: Complicity, Criticality, Knowledge, Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland, 26–31 October 2009. Reviewed by Ellen K. Levy.
Gerhard Richter, edited by Benjamin H.D. Buchloh. Reviewed by Amy Ione.
Imagining Science: Art, Science and Social Change, edited by Sean Caulfield and Timothy Caulfield. Reviewed by Michael R. (Mike) Mosher. [End Page 303]
The Inventor of Love & Other Writings by Gherasim Luca; translated by Julian and Laura Semilian. Reviewed by Allan Graubard.
Mind and Nature: Selected Writings on Philosophy, Mathematics and Physics by Herman Weyl; edited and with introduction by Peter Pesic. Reviewed by Martha Patricia Niño Mojica.
Playing with Words: The Spoken Word in Artistic Practice, edited by Cathy Lane. Reviewed by John F. Barber.
A Road to Mecca: The Journey of Muhammad Asad, directed by Georg Misch. Reviewed by Catalin Brylla.
Secret Museums: In Search of Hidden Erotic Art by Peter Woditsch. Reviewed by Rob Harle.
Svetlana about Svetlana, directed by Lana Parshina. Reviewed by Michael R. (Mike) Mosher.
Unitxt by Alva Noto. Reviewed by Hannah Drayson. [End Page 304]


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