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Pater's Letters at the Pierpont Morgan Library
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Pater's Letters at the Pierpont Morgan Library
Billie Andrew Inman
University of Arizona


Editor's Note: Opposite to page 407. Walter Pater, by Rebecca Lasely, 1991. Commissioned by ELT Press for dust jacket of Pater in the 1990s (Greensboro: ELT Press, May 1991). ELT Press ©

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2. This letter to Boulton and the other five letters printed here for the first time belong to The Pierpont Morgan Library, New York. (MA 4500). Charles E. Pierce, Jr., Director of the Library, granted me one-time publication rights, on 10 June 1990. I express my appreciation to the Library and its Director and to Robert E Parks, Robert H. Taylor Curator of Autograph Manuscripts.

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