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ANNOUNCEMENTS 1. A New Quarterly: The University of Southern Mississippi (Hattiesburg) has announced publication of THE SOUTHERN QUARTERLY, starting November. It is described as "a scholarly journal devoted to studies in the humanities and the social sciences." 2. MFS. Volume 8. November 2: The most recent issue of MFS is of particular interest to EFT readers, for it contains an article by Irving Kreutz on "Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Woolf" and one by James G. Hepburn on "Some Curious Realism in RICEYMAM STEPS." Mr. Beebe's editorial comments on "Modern Versus Contemporary" should also interest EFT readers. It is a distinction that still troubles me, for I sometimes suspect that the "Modern" label is being used to designate authors (Joyce, James, Faulkeer, Conrad, Lawrence) who happen to be qualitatively better whereas the lesser lights (Waugh, Orwell, Greene), though not much more recent authors, are shunted off into a slightly suspect category called "Contemporary ." Few have followed in the footsteps of Joyce and Lawrence; few in any age would or could have followed in their footsteps. This, however, does not seem to me to be a good basis, even by implication, for a distinction between "Modern" and "Contemporary." 3. FMF jjn MFS: MODERN FICTION STUDIES announces that the Spring 1963 issue will be devoted to articles and a bibliography of criticism on Ford Madox Ford. ...


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