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IV THE EDITOR'S FENCE 1. EFT Conference on Aestheticism and Decadence: All those seeking admission to the Conference, limited to 35 by MLA rules, should write the co-Discussion Leaders, H. E. Gerber and E. S. Lauterbach. Two papers dealing with the subject of discussion will be published in the next number of EFT: Wendell V. Harris1 "Identifying the Decadent Fiction of the Eighteen-Nineties" and Robert Peters' "Athens and Troy: Notes on John Addlngton Symonds1 Aestheticism." While they should provide material for discussion and argument at the meeting, these papers will not be read, nor will discussion be limited to specific positions taken in these papers. Conference k Thursday, 27 Dec 1962 Statler: Michigan Room 10:30 a.m.-11:45 2. EFT to ELT: Beginning with Volume 6, Number 1 (1963), our journal wi11 be retitled ENGLISH LITERATURE IM TRANSITION. With this formal recognition of the direction which, in fact, we have for some time been taking, we shall gradually add more poets, dramatists, and critics to the list of authors on whom we shall publish articles and annotated bibliographies. A full list of authors to be included will be issued shortly. We will continue to be more concerned about maintaining high quality in content and low costs than about physical beauty. This does not mean that we shall not continue to produce the most durable and readable journal possible at inflationdefying rates. Thus, although we continue to mimeograph on one side of the page only, although we continue to produce more than the minimum of two numbers a year, and although we have put stiff printed covers on the journal, we have not increased our subscription rate of one dollar a year to domestic subscribers. While we shall gradually add a number of major writers, like Hardy, Conrad, and Lawrence, we shall still insist on attending to a large number of minor writers as well as some major ones who remain unpopular with the current critical schools. We shall continue to publish articles and bibliographies on the forgotten , the neglected, and the condemned. 3. The Number of Numbers: We continue to be plagued by inquiries about the number of numbers which make up a volume of EFT. We understand that our unorthodox publishing procedures must nearly drive librarians mad. We therefore repeat: we publish a minimum of two numbers a year at unstated intervals; we have actually never published fewer than three items in any volume; we set no maximum; we have published as many as five numbers in a single volume. The cost to domestic subscribers for the current volume is one dollar irrespective of how many numbers we are able to produce. All in-print numbers published prior to the current volume are available at the single-copy rate only (fifty cents each to domestic subscribers). ...


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