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of the major problems faced by the artist who has produced novels of this kind. Certainly, significant questions about tone, impersonality, and the use of the device of self-division, and about cultural pressures of a given time are raised. We think Mr. Goidberg's broad survey of the genre and Mr. Knoeprlmacher's specific analysis of one type of the genre should lead to some very fruitful discussion. Mr. Beebe, who will lead the discussion, and I have prepared some questions and statements, which appear after the two papers later in this number of EFT, in order to focus the discussion on a number of specific topics. k. After plunging into severa i long-range projects, we have decided to allow about twenty-five pages of each number for papers.. We think sufficient serious scholarly interest in many of the authors in the EFT period now exists to warrant making nearly half our space available for the increasing number of good scholarly articles we are now receiving. At the same time, the publication of more papers will allow the staff of EFT and their collaborators more time in which to complete major projects of the kind represented by our Kipling bibliography. We shall continue to give more than half of our space and such extra numbers as are necessary over to the kind of annotated bibliographies which have helped to make EFT a standard reference work. PLEASE NOTE: A two or three years subscription to EFT will save the subscriber the bother of mailing a yearly check, wiI i assure him of no increase in subscription rates, and will help EFT hold down subscription rates by reducing the annual book work of billing. Subscriptions are one dollar per year; single copies and back issues are fifty cents each. Many of our subscribers have paid for two or three years in advance. We appreciate this, for it saves us much time. ANNOUNCEMENTS 1. At MLA (Chicago 1961): General Topics: Literature and Psychology will hear papers by Claire Rosenfield on Golding's LORD OF THE FLIES and James Hepburn on theory of psychoanalytic criticism. The latter very fine paper might prove of some interest to the critics among EFT readers. Although the MLA Program has not yet appeared, the Conference on Literature and General Culture, founded by Seymour Betsky, might also interest EFT readers. 2. Purdue University Studies: Humanities Series: Fol lowing the publ¡cation of Richard Voorhees' study of Orwell and Weston Babcock's study of HAMLET, Purdue University has released Paul Fatout's LETTERS OF A CIVIL WAR SURGEON, a book on VI history by an English teacher who has written important books on Ambrose Bierce and Mark Twain. 2. Graduate Assistants: Purdue University now offers graduate assistants in the English Department stipends of $2300 [see announcement on p. M]. Since our Mrs. Eisen is completing her two-year tenure in June, 1962, we shall be considering promising graduate students interested in English literature of the Victorian, EFT, and Modern periods for the EFT assistantship. 40 Midwest Modern Language Association: The third annual meeting will be held at the University of Nebraska campus (Lincoln), April 26, 27, and 28, 1962. The theme will be "Myth and Symbolism in Contemporary Criticism and Scholarship." A selection of the papers given at this meeting will be published in a paperback edition by University of Nebraska Press. The word "contemporary" is not meant to be limiting, for,, according to the MMLA Newsletter #2, papers can "range from Cervantes to Dostoevsky, from Dante to Gide, from Melville to Yeats." One of the principal speakers will be Professor Northrop Frye. ...


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