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43 FRVNCIS BRETT YOUNG Only Eric G. Twitchett's FRANCIS BRETT YOUNG (1936) appears to have any significance among the earlier writings on Young. More recently Susanne Howe in NOVELS OF EMPIRE (N.Y., 1950 ) refers to him fairly frequently. Among other news is the fact that UCU has letters or autograph materials and that Walter Savage is doing a dissertation on Young at the University of Pennsylvania. (Ed.) ISRAEL ZANGWILL The New York Public Library's Berg Collection contains a long run of correspondence to T. Fisher Unwin, among which are letters from Zangwill (see BNYPL, Vol. 6l, July 1957): The Morgan Library has an ALS to Mrs. Unwin and five letters to L. Maynard; UCU has a Zangwill collection which contains "manuscript as well as extensive printed materials"; and the Huntington Library has a good collection of first editions. Because Mrs. Zangwill followed her husband's wishes that no biography be written about him, very little scholarly work has been possible. There are, however, many scattered anecdotes and personal reminiscences. The best and the most recent is Joseph Leftwitch's ISR-JiL ZANGWILL: A BIOGRAPHY (N.Y.: Yoseloff, I957). However, it lacks the bibliographical notations that would have made it really useful; still, the book contains many references that might be profitably traced. (Ed.) ANNOUNCEMENTi 1. The Spring-Summer issue of EFT will contain thorough checklists of' writings about Ford Madox Ford and John Galsworthy and, if space allows, E.M. Forster. There will be a review article based on Mottram's FOR SOME WE LOVED, a close evaluation of Pound's book on Arnold Bennett, and news about the projected meeting in New York. Other future issues will contain articles on the short stories of Edwin Pugh, short critical notes, reputation studios, reviews of research on major figures, and so on. Much, however, will depend on the response of our readers. Deadline: mid-May. 2. I am not certain whether EFT should welcome AES or whether AES should welcome EFT. At this point I do not know which of us will, appear first. But all editors will certainly be grateful to the University of Colorado for bringing into being ABSTRVCTS OF EMGLISH STUD LES, with Lewi.s Sawin as editor. This periodical will abstract in monthly issues significant articles published in over fifty periodicals. More than one editor will close his weary eyes for forty winks longer and quietly pray, "Long live AES." ...


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