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The Americas

Suzanne Del Gizzo • Race and Identity in Hemingway's Fiction, by Amy L. Strong. 842
Marni Gauthier • Partial Faiths: Postsecular Fiction in the Age of Pynchon and Morrison, by John McClure. 845
Naoko Fuwa Thornton • Faulkner and Welty and the Southern Literary Tradition, by Noel Polk. 849
Jay Watson • Plantation Airs: Racial Paternalism and the Transformations of Class in Southern Fiction, 1945-1971, by Brannon Costello. 853

British, Irish, and Postcolonial Literatures

Jason Buchanan • Nation States: The Cultures of Irish Nationalism, by Michael Mays. 857.
Shannon McRae • Modernism and Colonialism: British and Irish Literature, 1899-1939, by Richard Begam and Michael Valdez Moses, eds. 859
Gayle Rogers • Cosmopolitan Style: Modernism Beyond the Nation, by Rebecca Walkowitz. 863
Karen Steigman • Reading the Global: Troubling Perspectives on Britain's Empire in Asia, by Sanjay Krishnan. 866 [End Page 840]

Theory and Cultural Studies

David Cockley • W. G. Sebald: Image, Archive, Modernity, by J. J. Long. 869
Tim Dean • Masculinity, Psychoanalysis, Straight Queer Theory: Essays on Abjection in Literature, Mass Culture, and Film, by Calvin Thomas. 871
Anthony Enns • Violent Femmes: Women as Spies in Popular Culture, by Rosie White. 874
Michael Lackey • The Genesis of Fiction: Modern Novelists as Biblical Interpreters, by Terry R. Wright. 877
Arnold Pan • Contagious: Cultures, Carriers, and the Outbreak Narrative, by Priscilla Wald. 880
Alexander Ruch • Novels, Maps, Modernity: The Spatial Imagination, 1850-2000, by Eric Bulson. 882 [End Page 841]


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