restricted access “Thanks be to God that I am Elected to Canada”: The Formulation of the Black Canadian Jeremiad, 1830–61

This essay identifies the Black Canadian jeremiad, 1830–61, which grew and flourished from the African-American jeremiad and its polemics. A study of this importance places the jeremiad within the context of Black Canadian protest. To deliver their jeremiads to Canadian audiences and seek aid in the deconstruction of American and Canadian racial prejudice, Black Canadian Jeremiahs used various means and associations, and utilized the rhetoric of the jeremiad to demonstrate Black devotion to self-determination. They also employed the jeremiad to contest pro-slavery ideas in both the United States and Canada. The rhetoric of the Black Canadian jeremiad was situated, then, in the context of two evolving debates: 1) American slavery and 2) Canadian prejudice.