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A drowning, a murder, a friendship, three or four love affairs, a boy and a girl, two girls and their mothers, two mothers and their lovers, a daughter and her father, a father and his lover, seven women, three men, twelve months, twelve threads, eight hours, eight waves, one river, a quilt, a song, twelve interwoven stories, a thousand memories, Twelve Blue explores the way our lives—like the web itself or a year, a day, a memory, or a river—form patterns of interlocking, multiple, and recurrent surfaces. —mj

Help with Reading:The story threads quite obviously along its edges, like frayed cloth, in the left window. You’ll find links there. There are passing links within the text on the right as well, but these, once followed, go away. You’ll want, I think, to open the space so all twelve threads show, diurnally (a not terribly obscure word for the weaving and unraveling of time). Their progress is measured in the stories and their occasional proximities are meaningful. The words work best with serifs and space enough (14 point is preferred). There are two hundred and sixty nine links here among ninety six spaces. Twelve blue isn’t anything. Think of lilacs when they’re gone.

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