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  • Index to Volumes 22 and 23

(Vol. 22, April 1998: pp. 1–269, October 1998: pp. 271–543)

(Vol. 23, April 1999: pp. 1–255, October 1999: pp. 257–4??)

Acheson, James, John Fowles, reviewed by Linden Peach, 23, 431

“Adventures of a Female Werther: Jane Austen’s Revision of Sensibility,” by Inger Sigrun Brody, 23, 110

“Against Ethical Criticism: Part Two,” by Richard A. Posner, 22, 394

“Aims of Education, The,” by John J. Mearsheimer, 22, 137

“Alice’s Discriminating Palate,” by Kevin W. Sweeney, 23, 17

André Gide: A Life in the Present, by Alan Sheridan, reviewed by Catharine Savage Brosman, 23, 441

Arditi, Neil, review of The Broken Estate: Essays on Literature and Belief, by James Wood, 23, 439

“Art Against Equality,” by Joyce L. Jenkins, 22, 108

“Bad Critical Writing,” by Donald Pizer, 22, 69

Bad Writing Contest, discussed by Denis Dutton 23, 251

Bauerlein, Mark, Literary Criticism: An Autopsy, reviewed by Roger Seamon, 22, 523

Review of The Revival of Pragmatism: New Essays on Social Thought, Law, and Culture, edited by Morris Dickstein, 23, 424

Baule: African Art, Western Eyes, by Susan Mullin Vogel, reviewed by Denis Dutton, 22, 266

Beauchamp, Gorman, “Changing Times in Utopia,” 22, 219

Bedaux, Jan Baptist and Brett Cooke, eds., Sociobiology and the Arts, reviewed by Denis Dutton, 23, 451

“Benefits of an Amoral Education, The: ‘Intellectual Capital . . . New Ways of Doing Business . . . Getting Up in the Morning’,” by Patrick Henry, 22, 170

Between Doctors and Patients. The Changing Balance of Power, by Lilian R. Furst, reviewed by Mary Anne O’Neil, 22, 518

“Between Stories,” by David Gershom Myers, 22, 457

Biopoetics: Evolutionary Explorations in the Arts, edited by Brett Cooke and Frederick Turner, reviewed by Denis Dutton, 23, 451

Blumenberg, Hans, “Does it Matter When? On Time Difference,” 22, 212

Booth, Wayne C., “Introducing Professor Mearsheimer to His Own University,” 22, 174

“Why Banning Ethical Criticism is a Serious Mistake,” 22, 366

Boyd, Brian, “Jane, Meet Charles: Literature, Evolution, and Human Nature,” 22, 1

“Literature and Discovery,” 23, 313

Braden, Wilbur S., review of Literature Lost: Social Agendas and the Corruption of the Humanities, by John M. Ellis, 22, 242

Brann, Eva T. H., “When Does Amorality Become Immorality,” 22, 166

“Tapestry with Images: Paul Scott’s Raj Novels,” 23, 181

“Brecht and Postmodernism,” by Rainer Friedrich, 23, 44

Brody, Inger Sigrun, “Adventures of a Female Werther: Jane Austen’s Revision of Sensibility,” 23, 110

Brody, Jules, “Montaigne: Philosophy, Philology, Literature,” 22, 83

Broken Estate, The: Essays on Literature and Belief, by James Wood, reviewed by Neil Arditi, 23, 439

Broman, Walter E., review of The Footnote, by Anthony Grafton, 23, 434

Review of The Rise and Fall of the English, by Robert Scholes, 23, 227

Review of The Work of Poetry, by John Hollander, 22, 246

Brombert, Victor, In Praise of Antiheroes: Figures and Themes in Modern European Literature, 1830–1980, reviewed by Gaetano DeLeonibus, 23, 436

Brosman, Catharine Savage, review of André Gide: A Life in the Present, by Alan Sheridan, 23, 441

Burden of Responsibility, The: Blum, Camus, Aron, and the French Twentieth Century, by Tony Judt, reviewed by Gerald Prince, 23, 428

Calin, William, “Making a Canon,” 23, 1

Camus: Love and Sexuality, by Anthony Rizzuto, reviewed by Dale Cosper, 23, 233

“Can I Get You Anything?,” by Raymond Carver and Tess Gallagher 22, 417

Cantor, Paul A., “A Class Act: Persuasion and the Lingering Death of the Aristocracy,” 23, 127

Caplan, Jay, review of Exploring the Conversible World: Text and Sociability from the Classical Age to the Enlightenment, edited by Elena Russo, 22, 526

Carroll, Joseph, “Steven Pinker’s Cheesecake for the Mind,” 22, 478

“Wilson’s Consilience and Literary Study,” 23, 393

Carroll, Noël, “Defending Mass Art: A Response to Kathleen Higgins’s ‘Mass Appeal’,” 23, 378

Carver, Raymond and Tess Gallagher, “Can I Get You Anything?,” 22, 417

“The Favor,” 22, 438

“Changing Times in Utopia,” by Gorman Beauchamp, 22, 219

“Class Act, A: Persuasion and the Lingering Death of the Aristocracy,” by Paul A. Cantor, 23, 127

“Cognitive Science and the Future of Literary Studies,” by Alan Richardson, 23, 157

“Collecting as an Art,” by Kevin Melchionne, 23, 148...

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