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Editor's Remarks Ernestine Friedl This is the first issue of the Journal of Modern Greek Studies under my editorship. I look forward to maintaining the fine quality of the journal originally established by its first editor in the new form, William McNeill, and our continuing associate editor, Peter Bien. The members of the Editorial Board join me in urging you to think of this journal as your first choice for submission of papers that will contribute not only to modern Greek studies but also to the analytical approaches and theoretical issues in your discipline. Please also ask publishers to submit to us for review your newly published books or symposia. Note that there have been some changes in the style sheet. The new form is printed in this issue for handy reference. Copies are also available from my office. We are fortunate to have for the October 1986 issue William W. McGrew, John Koliopoulos, and John Iatrides as guest editors for an expanded issue consisting of selected papers presented at the Anatolian Conference in Thessaloniki held in July 1985. Beginning with Volume 5, No. 1 May, 1987, there will be room for a few short letters of comment in response to previous articles. The section will be called The Symposium. Your suggestions and ideas for the Journal are most welcome. I look forward to receiving your comments. DUKE UNIVERSITY ...