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Antonetti, Claudia (ed.) Il dinamismo della colonizzazione greca (Atti della tavola rotonda Espansione e colonizzazione greca di età arcaica: metodologie e problemi a confronto, Venezia 10–11/11/1995). Naples: Loffredo Editore 1997. Pp. 178; paper L. 28.000 ISBN 888096514X.
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Carey, Christopher. Trials from Classical Athens. London: Routledge 1997. Pp. viii, 247; cloth $75.00 ISBN 0-415-107-601, paper $22.99 ISBN 0-415-10761-X.
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Condos, Theony (ed. & trans.) Star Myths of the Greeks and Romans: A Sourcebook (Containing The Constellations of Pseudo-Eratosthenes and the Poetic Astronomy of Hyginus). Grand Rapids, MI: Phanes Press 1997. Pp. 287; cloth $35.00 ISBN 1-890482-97-7, paper $18.95 ISBN 1-890482-93-5.
Cox, Cheryl Anne. Household Interests: Property, Marriage Strategies, and Family Dynamics in Ancient Athens. Princeton: Princeton University Press 1998. Pp. 304 with 4 line illustrations, and 9 tables; cloth $45.00 ISBN 0-691-01572-4.
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Edmunds, Lowell and Robert W. Wallace (eds.) Poet, Public and Performance in Ancient Greece. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press 1997. Pp. xiii, 167; cloth $37.50 ISBN 0-8018-5575-6.
Euben, J. Peter. Corrupting Youth: Political Education, Democratic Culture, and Political Theory. Princeton: Princeton University Press 1997. Pp. xvi, 270; cloth $55.00 ISBN 0-691-01202-4, paper $18.95 ISBN 0-691-04828-2.
Frangoulidis, Stavros A. Handlung und Nebenhandlung: Theater, Metatheater und Gattungsbewusstsein in der römischen Komödie (Drama: Beiträge zum antiken Drama und seiner Rezeption, Beiheft 6). Stuttgart: M & P 1997. Pp. x, 191; paper n.p. ISBN 3-476-45184-4.
Graf, Fritz. Magic in the Ancient World (trans. Franklin Philip). Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press 1997. Pp. vi, 313; cloth n.p. ISBN 0-674-54151-0.
Grandazzi, Alexandre. The Foundation of Rome: Myth and History (trans. Jane Marie Todd). Ithaca: Cornell University Press 1997. Pp. x, 236; cloth $49.95 ISBN 0-8014-3114-X, paper $19.95 ISBN 0-8014-8247-X.
Green, Peter (ed. & trans.) The Argonautika: The Story of Jason and the Quest for the Golden Fleece by Apollonios Rhodios (Hellenistic Culture and Society, xxv). Berkeley: University of California Press 1997. Pp. 490 (cloth), 317 (paper); cloth $60.00 (with commentary) ISBN 0-520-07686-9, paper $13.95 (without commentary) ISBN 0-520-07687-7.
Greene, Ellen (ed.) Reading Sappho: Contemporary Approaches (Classics in Contemporary Thought, 2). Berkeley: University of California Press 1998. Pp. xiii, 303; cloth $40.00 ISBN 0-520-20195-7.
Greene, Ellen (ed.) Re-Reading Sappho: Reception and Transmission (Classics in Contemporary Thought, 3). Berkeley: University of California Press 1998. Pp...

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