This article briefly outlines the history of the Records of Early English Drama (REED) Patrons and Performances website project. Its aim is to enable users to gain access to the complete picture of professional performance activities (drama, music, dance, acrobatics, animal acts, and what have you?) outside London before 1642. The article is designed as a guide to individual on-screen exploration of some of the capacities of the website; readers can follow step-by-step the guide to the site by reading the paper while logged onto the site and following one or another of the four major search paths offered on the home page, to search for information about Patrons, Events, Venues or Troupes. Readers can access the GIS map on-line to investigate playing routes, venues and other geographical details. As well one can search the Bibliography, carefully compiled to reveal the information sources used to assemble the data presented on the site.


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