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UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY Contents of Volume 77, Numbers 2–4 All articles and books reviewed in issues 2–4 of volume 77 are listed below. For the material in ‘Letters in Canada 2006,’ which constitutes issue 1 of the volume, see the ‘Index to Books Reviewed,’ 77:1 (Winter 2008), 655–71. ARTICLES achinstein, sharon Cold War Milton 801 anisuzzaman Claiming and Disclaiming a Cultural Icon: Tagore in East Pakistan and Bangladesh 1058 bose, mandakranta Indian Modernity and Tagore’s Dance 1085 das gupta, uma Tagore’s Ideas of Social Action and the Sriniketan Experiment of Rural Reconstruction, 1922–41 992 dutta, krishna Tagore’s Letters: A Beacon for Biographers 971 flora, giuseppe Tagore and Italy: Facing History and Politics 1025 hawkes, david Milton among the Pragmatists 923 hemmings, robert Of Trauma and Flora: Memory and Commemoration in Four Poems of the World Wars 738 jelnikar, ana W.B. Yeats’s (Mis)Reading of Tagore: Interpreting an Alien Culture 1005 kendrick, christopher Un-American Milton: Milton’s Reputation and Reception in the Early United States 903 martin, catherine gimelli Milton and the Pursuit of Happiness 876 merrett, robert james The Gentleman Farmer in Emma: Agrarian Writing and Jane Austen’s Cultural Idealism 711 mohamed, feisal g. Liberty Before and After Liberalism: Milton’s Shifting Politics and the Current Crisis in Liberal Theory 940 nyquist, mary Contemporary Ancestors of de Bry, Hobbes, and Milton 837 o’connell, joseph t., and kathleen m. o’connell Introduction: Rabindranath Tagore as ‘Cultural Icon’ 961 o’connell, kathleen m. Freedom, Creativity, and Leisure in Education: Tagore in Canada, 1929 980 panayatova, stella From Toronto to Cambridge: The Illuminated Manuscripts of Lord Lee of Fareham 673 qureshi, mahmud shah Literary Assessments of Tagore by Bengali Muslim Writers 1133 radice, william Keys to the Kingdom: The Search for How Best to Understand and Perform the Songs of Tagore 1095 sen, suddhaseel The Art Song and Tagore: Settings by Western Composers 1110 stevens, paul Introduction 789 tagore, saranindranath Tagore’s Conception of Cosmopolitanism: A Reconstruction 1070 wall, kathleen Ethics, Knowledge, and the Need for Beauty: Zadie Smith’s On Beauty and Ian McEwan’s Saturday 757 ...


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