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  • A Bibliography of Recent Criticism on Muriel Spark
  • Allison Fisher (with the assistance of Shannon Thomas)

This selected bibliography lists critical studies of Muriel Spark’s literary work not included in the 2002 volume Theorizing Muriel Spark, edited by Martin McQuillan and published by Palgrave Macmillan. McQuillan’s text provides a very full bibliography; the present bibliography serves as an update some six years later while also identifying several studies that do not appear in McQuillan’s list. The bibliography attempts to suggest the scope and diversity of recent scholarship on Spark as well as provide a resource for future research.

The bibliography is organized as follows:

  1. I. Journal Articles, Interviews, and Book Chapters

  2. II. Monographs

  3. III. Ph.D. Dissertations

I. Journal Articles, Interviews, and Book Chapters

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Miller, Gavin. “National Confessions...


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