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Call for Papers Upcoming Special Issues

Toni Morrison Autumn 1993 Deadline for Submissions: 1 April 1993

Modern Fiction Studies invites submissions to be considered for publication in an upcoming special issue on Toni Morrison.

While we are open to most approaches to Morrison, we particularly welcome readings of Jazz and Playing in the Dark, as well as essays on the canonization of Morrison; the relationship of Morrison's fiction to postmodernism; the consideration of Morrison's novels in the context of current debates in feminist, black feminist, and African American studies.

The Cultural Politics of Displacement Spring 1994 Deadline for Submissions: 1 November 1993

The Spring 1994 number, edited by Barbara Harlow, will be The Cultural Politics of Displacement. This issue proposes to examine the pressures that current global demographic rearrangements have placed on the received generic formulas of narrative convention and of literary paradigms. "Travel" now is not just a question of individual decision, but has become increasingly subject to political pressures and economic exigencies. Territorial borders have been redrawn as the lines of a renewed governmental offensive against persons and peoples deemed alien or undesirable. An estimated twenty-five percent of the world's population is now acknowledged to be "refugees," whether from political oppression, economic dispossession, or "natural disaster." Travel and the metaphysics of exile are no longer the prerogative of privilege, either material or theoretical. Possible topics for contributions range from the extradition of political prisoners to the mass movements of famine victims and can address the respresentations of such events in and across various narrative genres, including fiction, film, historical accounts, legal documentation, and reportage. Papers should raise specifically the mutual implication of the literary, the cultural, and the political in the representation or redress of these social dislocations.

Articles should range from 20 to 35 pages in length and should conform to the MLA Style Manual. Please submit two copies of the essay along with return postage. Address submissions and inquiries to the Editor, Modern Fiction Studies, Department of English, Heavilon Hall, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907-1356. [End Page 346]



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