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Bales, Jack. Kenneth Roberts: The Man and His Works. Metuchen: Scarecrow, 1989. 312 pp. $37.50.
Banks, Emma Davis, and Keith Byerman. Alice Walker: An Annotated Bibliography 1968-1986. New York: Garland, 1989. 210 pp. $32.00.
Bass, Rick. The Deer Pasture. New York: Norton, 1989. 123 pp. pb. $7.95.
Beaver, Harold. Huckleberry Finn. Boston: Unwin, 1987. 214 pp. pb. $14.95.
Berger, Thomas. The Houseguest. New York: Penguin, 1988. 240 pp. pb. $7.95.
Bowden, Charles. Red Line. New York: Norton, 1989. 187 pp. $16.95.
Bradley, John. Tupelo Nights. New York: Penguin, 1989. 239 pp. pb. $6.95.
Braverman, Kate. Lithium for Medea. New York: Penguin, 1989. pb. $7.95.
———. Palm Latitudes. 1988. New York: Penguin, 1989. pb. $8.95.
Budd, Louis J., and Edwin H. Cady, eds. On Faulkner: The Best from "American Literature." Durham: Duke UP, 1989. 288 pp. $33.50.
Conn, Peter. Literature in America: An Illustrated History. New York: Cambridge UP, 1989. 587 pp. $29.95 [End Page 783] .
Cozzens, James Gould. Castaway, a Novel. 1934. Chicago: Dee, 1989. pb. $6.95.
Craft, Robert. Small Craft Advisories: Critical Articles 1984-1988. New York: Norton, 1989. 296 pp. $19.95.
Crowley, J. Donald, and Sue Mitchell Crowley, eds. Critical Essays on Walker Percy. Boston: Hall, 1989. 294 pp. No price given.
Currey, Richard. Fatal Light. New York: Penguin, 1988. pb. $6.95.
Dahlberg, Edward. Samuel Beckett's "Wake" and Other Uncollected Prose. Elmwood Park: Dalkey Archive, 1989. 343 pp. $19.95.
DeMarines, Rick. The Year of the Zinc Penny. New York: Norton, 1989. 174 pp. $17.95.
Drache, Sharon. Ritual Slaughter. Kingston: Quarry, 1989. 166 pp. pb. $11.95.
Dravid, Kamalini. Acculturation of Anti-Culture: A Study of Trilling's "Beyond Culture." New York: Advent, 1989. 56 pp. $8.95.
Driggers, Stephen G., and Robert J. Dunn, with Sarah Gordon. The Manuscripts of Flannery O'Connor at Georgia College. Athens: U of Georgia P, 1989. 213 pp. $35.00.
Erisman, Fred. Tony Hillerman. Western Writers Series. Boise: Boise State UP, 1989. 51 pp. pb. $3.95.
Estes, David C., ed. A New Collection of Thomas Bangs Thorpe's Sketches of the Old Southwest. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State UP, 1989. 392 pp. $40.00.
Fitzpatrick, Vincent. H. L. Mencken. New York: Continuum, 1989. 153 pp. $18.95.
Freeman, Judith. The Chincilla Farm: A Novel. New York: Norton, 1989. $19.95.
———. Family Attractions: Stories. New York: Penguin, 1988. 227 pp. pb. $6.95.
Gardiner-Scott, Tanya J. Mervyn Peake: The Evolution of a Dark Romantic. New York: Lang, 1989. 328 pp. $44.95.
Gilroy, Beryl. Boy-Sandwich. Portsmouth: Heinemann, 1989. pb. $7.50.
Gish, Robert F. William Carlos Williams: A Study of Short Fiction. Twayne's Studies in Short Fiction. Boston: Hall, 1989. 215 pp. $19.95.
Hall, Donald, and David Lehman, eds. The Best American Poetry 1989. New York: Macmillan, 1989. 293 pp. $24.95 cloth; pb. $9.95.
Heinemann, Larry. Pace's Story. 1986. Contemporary American Fiction. New York: Penguin, 1989. 210 pp. pb. $7.95.
Hobsbaum, Philip. The Reader's Guide to Robert Lowell. New York: Thames, 1988. 184 pp. pb. $10.95.
Holladay, Cary C. The People Down South. Champaign: U of Illinois P, 1989. 132 pp. $14.95.
Kalstone, David. Becoming a Poet: Elizabeth Bishop with Marianne Moore and Robert Lowell. New York: Farrar, 1989. 299 pp. $22.50.
Kay, Terry. The Year the Lights Came On. Athens: U of Georgia P, 1989. 300 pp. pb. $9.95.
Kinch, J. C. B. Mark Twain's German Critical Reception, 1875-1986: An Annotated Bibliography. Westport: Greenwood, 1989. 274 pp. $42.95.
Kitchen, Judith. Understanding William Stafford. Columbia: U of South Carolina P, 1989. 177 pp. $21.95 cloth; pb. $10.95.
Knapp, Bettina L. Emily Dickinson. New York: Continuum, 1989. 204 pp. $18.95.
Landon, Brooks. Thomas Landon. Boston: Hall, 1989. 143 pp. $19.95.
Lish, Gordon. Mourner at the Door: Stories. Contemporary American Fiction. New York: Penguin. 1988. 162 pp. pb. $6.95.
Lispector, Clarice. The Stream of Life. Trans. Helene Cixcus. Minneapolis: U of Minnesota P, 1989. $19.95 cloth; pb. $9.95.
Loos, Anita. Gentlemen Prefer Blonds / But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes. 1925, 1928. New York: Penguin...


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