In this response to "Mild Mania and Well-Being" I propose a different analytic strategy and scrutinize the presented case of mild mania within the framework of a holistic theory of health. I distinguish between the following fundamental questions: (1) is mild mania a disease or illness? (2) does the mild mania of Mr. M. reduce his health significantly? and (3) should Mr. M. be recommended treatment with lithium or not? I answer the first question in the affirmative. I propose some theoretical tools for resolving the second one. A complete resolution of it, however, requires a deeper analysis of Mr. M.'s state of mind and general situation. Finally, I hold that an affirmative answer to the first two questions does not imply an affirmative answer to the third, namely that Mr. M. should be recommended treatment with lithium. Other considerations, in particular ethical ones, should play a role.


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